WAIT: Bug? idk 500 and 503 error with bricks pages

Bricks Version: latest (not 1.6)
Browser: Chrome
OS: Windows
URL: 1 website in question is www.digim8.com

FYI: running latest versions of bricks/wp and plugins. i have also tested deactiving all plugins and same issue occurs

ok im exhausted and fed up trying to work this out and need help

i keep getting 503 and 500 page error/timing out when i am working on a bricks built page

i can see my IO resourses are spiking when i work on a bricks built page. sometimes its randomly during the night too…

my host says its not their server side and that its my website resourse

i think that having over 350 websites on a server is too much ( as per my research ) which they one the server im on.

but they are adamant that the server resources have more than enough to cover the load and more…

My package with them is " 200% CPU - 2GB RAM - 4MB/s I/O "

is 200% CPU - 2GB RAM - 4MB/s I/O enough? or is it Bricks? all the other sites within the reseller account are fine except the 3 sites with bricks. they all do the same thing

the images are just of last 24hr where the website 500/503’s and than im having to wait 5 minutes or so for the resource limt to reset…

Hi Matt,
Thanks so much for your report!

Please have a look in Bricks » System Information. Is everything displayed in green, or are there yellow/orange entries? If so, please change the settings so that they also turn green.

Best regards,

Hi Timmse,

Thank you i have updated the wp memory limit which was not green.
initially nothing changed, so i reduced my php from 8.0 to 7.4 and it looks like the issue has resolved.

Hi there,

I am facing the same issue on a 1.5.7. My hosting cunsumption resources have exploded (CPU and RAM) and all the websites of this hosting went down because of a specific bricks installation.

The only way to solve the problem and get the resources back was to deactivate the bricks theme on the website that caused the down. So far, I can’t reactivate it. If I do, the hosting server will crash again.

So I will update you on monday :muscle: :crossed_fingers:

I will first try to go back to a former php version as @MattBlack suggest on the concerned bricks installation. And if it doesn’t solve the problem, I will have to put the hole website in a new hosting plan in order to be able to debug it from there without affecting the rest of my websites on the current one.

A pretty serious bug, to be honest as it affected a lot more than one bricks installation.

Have a great weekend in the meantime :wink:

i am guessing that if its affecting other sites than you have shared hosting, like me.

What is your IO space? i have 4mb/s

so far i have resolved the issue ( but not saying its permanently resolved just yet )

hears what i have done:

  1. go to bricks status and follow instruction to make wp memory and something else larger ( if they are anything other than green )
  2. i reduced my php8.0 to php7.4
  3. i deleted the system files and folders of all in on migrate plugin.

so far its been about 12hrs and i havent had my website give a 500 and 503 at all. ill be testing more tomorrow to see if it has worked pernamently

they other thing to consider is hosting. there is some really bad hosts out there. mine is quite good and very responsive. but dont help at all if its not a server issue.

i should however get a better plan but i can only do that when my sites become profitable. chicken and egg scenario

Bricks Version : 1.5.7
Browser : Every browser
OS : Every OS
URL : https://staging.executiveeducation.ch/

Here are the dimensions of my hosting:
CPU: 2, RAM: 3GB, I/O: 10MB/s
10 websites are there with an average CPU charge of 10%.

First option, I tried to look at Bricks System Information as @timmse suggested:

I checked the system settings and found that WP memory limit was in orange for Bricks:

I found it very strange, as the site health of Wordpress is saying something different:

To check if everything is working, I change the memory limit in .htaccess or from the php settings of my panel. It will always be orange for Bricks even if the value is perfectly updated in the site health checker of Wordpress.

In conclusion, system settings are good and the website is still down but Bricks doesn’t seem to take into consideration my php memory limit changes.

Second option, I change the PHP version as @MattBlack suggested:

I went in my panel and changed the php for 7.4 and the site still went offline after few seconds. Which also lead to a massive CPU usage that reach 100% after few minutes.

I don’t know how to solve this issue and my website is still offline since then.

@timmse I am waiting for your guidance. In the meantine, I disabled Wordpress theme folder. Of course, the problem also happened when plugin are disabled.

Have a great day,

To be fair, and before the server crashed, I was also experiencing lags and the builder became very slow at some point. The slower the builder get, the closer it brings me to crash according to the CPU usage logs. Consequently, it may also be linked to the following issues:

I don’t have way to reproduce, but one of my website is currently down for this reason. We may have a way to debug something.

Have a great day,

Hey Thomas & Matt,
Please send login credentials, a short problem description, and a link to this thread to help@bricksbuilder.io, using the email address you used to buy Bricks.

Unfortunately, this is exactly the problem with the other reports on this or similar problems: we have no starting point and we’re not able to reproduce the issue with different installations, which makes it hard to spot the culprit.

Best regards,

Hi @timmse,

I just sent you my credentials, but it will not help as the theme folder in Wordpress is currently disabled. Indeed, and every time I reactivate Bricks, the server crash. Consequently, I disagree with you. We have a starting point as the problem happen each time I activate Bricks :slight_smile:

What we need is a remote session as you also need to access to my server.

Best Regards,