SOLVED: Bricks structure panel renaming is slow and laggy on complex layouts

Browser: Chrome 119.0.6045.159
OS: Linux Mint 21.1

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Build a large complex page. An easy way to get one is to import the ACSS/Frames Style Guide template as described here:
  2. Navigate through it and attempt to do some typing, e.g. renaming elements in the structure panel

Current Results:
Bricks gets laggy and sluggish when working on large and complex layout, very similar to the slowdowns we experienced around the 1.6ish release. Dialogs and panels open with a delay, and renaming elements becomes very laggy.

Expected Results:
Bricks should be snappy and immediately responsive with no discernible lag.


Related bugs:

My server info:

Happens regardless of whether any plugins are active or not.
Happens on a fresh WordPress install with Bricks 1.9.3 and child theme.
Happens in incognito Chrome window with no browser extensions running.
Happens on latest Firefox, too.

Happy to provide login data.


in 1.9.2 a simple set of widget names is also slow with a completely empty project

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JSON with 500 elements for testing - 500 elements · GitHub

Paste the code to a blank Bricks page, once to add 500 elements, twice for 1000 elements etc.

I see a tiny bit of lag after 3 copied, meaning there’s 1500 elements on the page, before that it’s fine, becomes quite noticable after 2000 elements are added, with a 1 or 2 second delay with clicking an element.

To see if it’s related to number of elements on the page, try the same test and see where the lag starts.

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Thanks! The slowdown starts occurring right after I import the first 500 elements.

I thought it might have to do with all those classes ACSS adds, but with ACSS and Frames deactivated, the builder only reports 106 classes (not sure why it’s not 0):


With ACSS and Frames active, it’s over 1500:


Regardless, the issue occurs whether any plugins at all are active or not.

i was testing on a blank install which has never had classes added.

Anyway I realise this is a bug report post so I’ll leave it for the Bricks team. Hopefully you find the reason it’s happening on your end.


Thank you for your help!

Hi @mr.matt.eastwood,

Could you please share your machine’s specs (mainly RAM & CPU)?

FYI @clickfusion63, the issue with the elements search is a bug we noticed with Firefox since WP6.4+ and is in our bug tracker.

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No problem! Here’s all the info:

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I have huge lacks in Firefox, good to know that you have it on your bug tracker. Hope this gets resolved soon. :slight_smile:

Hey @charaf Just a quick note, I’m more than happy to provide you login details for the build I used in the video in my OP, just drop me a line.

My PC is pretty powerful, it plays DOOM Eternal at 1440 and 60 FPS with all maxed-out settings. I also have the ASUS ROG Strix SCAR 17 SE gaming laptop from 2023: Asus ROG Strix Scar 17 SE review - Fully equipped gaming laptop with RTX 3080 Ti - Reviews

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One import is pretty laggy in Firefox but works good in Chrome for me. 2 imports begins a tiny amount of lag.

Windows 11, AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core Processor, 3701 Mhz, 16GB or RAM, NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti.

Hi @mr.matt.eastwood,

Apart from the renaming lag (which is quite noticeable on my end as well), are there other specific instances of lagging that you have noticed?

I was experiencing lag when assigning classes - the dropdown took time to open and close (after clicking on a class) and the styling/layout panels only appeared with a short delay, not instantly. It’s visible in the video in my OP. However, I cannot reproduce these issues today, even with plugins like ACSS enabled, so I’m suspecting it did have to do with something on my local setup after all.

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I’m also experiencing heavy lag when renaming or moving elements in the structure panel. Hope this gets fixed soon.

FWIW, I’ve been experience some lag as well recently on 1.9.3 when it comes to editing templates and trying to add elements, it takes a half-second or so to load the elements, another half-second or so to add the element, etc. Scrolling speed seems impacted too. Not too complex of pages though, interestingly.

This is also the case for me.
When I search for elements, it takes longer and lags for a short time.
Even if I want to edit a page with Bricks, the loading animation takes a bit longer.

@charaf - is this thread meant to be in a WAIT state? Is this actually waiting on users? Is Bricks team able to reproduce this kind of lag / slowness reported in this thread by a few users now? I was expecting this to be in a WIP state by now.

You mentioned the following earlier:

I noticed this on Safari too, in case that helps you out a bit. I don’t think it’s unique to users of Firefox. Searching elements is the most significant portion of lag in the editor from my experience in the last couple of versions of Bricks (1.9.3 and 1.9.4).

Hi @d19dotca, if you’re able to reproduce specific cases of “lagginess” it would be best if you could create a separate report with the steps to reproduce it, please :slight_smile:

The other bug related to Firefox is indeed a WIP. This thread is very general so I didn’t set it as “NO BUG” nor a “WIP” so users can share more details if they have them. The only thing I was able to reproduce from what @mr.matt.eastwood shared was the slow renaming which we added to our board to improve.

So to avoid any confusion I removed the bug tag altogether but please feel free to share any specific cases where there’s a significant performance degradation (apart from the Firefox search bug & structure panel renaming, which are already reported and a WIP).

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Thank you. I’m happy to file a different report if you prefer but I guess what I was really asking was just if you suspect the Firefox issue that you mentioned is truly unique to Firefox and if it’s been tested in Safari because I can seem to reproduce that same behavior, or at least the exact same symptoms, in Safari even for un-complex sites. Wanted to avoid duplicating work for you, but I’ll try to go ahead and create a new post later today then for you if you think it’s an entirely different issue to the issue you have acknowledged with the slow element search in Firefox. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, you’re right! looks like the same bug is on Safari too. No need for a separate report for this one :slight_smile: I’ll update the thread & ticket.

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