SOLVED: Lag in the Builder when pages are complex

Bricks Version: 1.6.1
Browser: any
OS: macOS [

I have set up a locally hosted test site that meets all the bricks environment requirements for memory etc.

Only Bricks is installed

I have added community templates to make a typically heavy page.

There are no CSS frameworks or any other plugins.

As you can see from the video, typing and editing on the canvas is immediate.

When typing in the sidebar, there is a noticeable delay for every keypress and a delay between pressing the key and updating the canvas.

I have tested with text to demonstrate, but typing settings or adding variables for custom css is the same.

You can also see that it’s related to each key press as if I copy text and paste it in the side bar there is no lag and an instant canvas update.

All my testing indicates there is an issue when typing in the sidebar, the more complex the page the more lag there is.


Could be somehow related: Performance with Frameworks

I’m sure it is related, but I have reduced my test case to simply Bricks and some page content.

The more complex the page, the more elements, the more lag there is.

It’s not a framework issue, nor a CSS classes issue.


lagging with one section only. so its not only for complex pages. at least not for me.


You have to make sure that WordPress has sufficient resources, that in Bricks system information it is all ‘green’ for server settings.

Chrome with no extra tabs open is better than Firefox

I have to load the page a lot to get lag, but it is there, mostly I don’t notice it, even with frameworks, but I wanted to make sure there was nothing else to point to.

I think if your server has scant resources and they are not allocated well to WordPress and your browser is struggling for resources too, it won’t take much to get the lag issue.

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all 100% green. no matter if on iis plesk or linux. lags everywhere. still trying to figure out where this could come from. one server setup is amd epyc other is intel. no extra tabs, no extensions, tried with all browser. maybe its my own desktop, but not a bad one at all. (but amd)

Do you have any keyboard shortcut software monitoring as you type? It seems to be in that area. Have you confirmed no lag if you edit text on the canvas? if that lags too, then something else may be an issue.

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no lags on canvas, only panel. yes thinking about same, password autofillers, translation fields, typemonitoring aka keyloggers. will dig deeper and report back.


Just throwing my support behind hopefully solving this. I’m also experiencing nearly unusable amounts of this exact type of builder lag on complex pages (i.e. multiple query loops).

If the Bricks team would benefit from access to a copy of the site that’s experiencing these lag issues, I can happily provide it.

For all of you who want to help squash this bug, install this chrome extension: Jam - Chrome Web Store

and then send that information to the support team so they can see what is going on.

Really need a fix for this. Refreshing the page is having a very minimal impact on the builder speed. Just editing a sentence on complex pages takes a LONG time!

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Here’s a video similar to @boldfish’s showing extreme builder lag on a pretty complex page:

Server/system info is included. All plugins are disabled.


Yes, at first it appeared on sites with frameworks, but now it is becoming evident on any Bricks site with the slightest bit of complexity. Dev machine and server hardware really have no bearing on this problem because this is clearly a Bricks bug, as it has gotten progressively worse with each Bricks update.

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Yes, too much lag
When i activate framework like acss, its completely useless and cant work


And why do we see ZERO comments or feedback from the Bricks team? People are leaving or dropping their product because the builder has become unusable for many of us. I guess if you build basic sites with no css etc, then perhaps the builder works, but this is had gone on for several weeks now with no solutions or feedback or at least a beta to test for the backend builder speed issues.


I am also surprised that there is no feedback from the Bricks team for such a long time and though it’s an extremely urgent and important issue. But I’m even more surprised that Bricks team doesn’t just start to roughly narrow down the reason(s) by simply asking us users and trying to identify patterns that way. Oxygen for example did a survey in their Facebook group to find the reasons why the builder has been loading so slowly.

Concerning the builder lag, these (and a ton of other similar questions) could be asked to narrow down the reasons:

  • With which operating system do users work, who are experiencing a heavy builder lag?
  • On which hosting environments are these websites running (exact info necessary for detailed analysis)
  • On which local computers do the users work?
  • Which plugins are installed?
  • … and several other similar questions …

Can common culprits (or group of culprits) be identified based on analysis of above given answers?


They do but not in this thread. I’m on mobile now but there is another thread that adresses this problem and @timmse commented there. :slight_smile:

Here is the thread: WAIT: Noticeable Builder Lag Using ACSS - #37 by Proxxius

Hi guys,
Sorry for the late reply. Of course, I cannot respond to every contribution (across multiple threads about performance issues), but we appreciate your engagement a lot.

We are currently working on a solution for the lagging/performance problem and will implement it as soon as possible :crossed_fingers:

Best regards,


Thanks for your hard work!

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