SOLVED: Bricks structure panel renaming is slow and laggy on complex layouts

Since I am affected, I am re-posting my previous post in this thread: WAIT: Firefox and Firefox Dev very slow with Bricks - #24 by Pixelzaken

Here is my previous post:

"I am fairly new to Bricks and I am facing the same issue with Firefox Developer Edition. Whenever I try to type on “search” field it takes 2-3 seconds to respond and the cursor moves out of the window too.

I am on a dedicated server (AMD 3600, 64GB RAM, 1TB NVME Disks), running PHP 8.2.13 -Dedicated FPM Application Served by Apache, (WP Memory Limit 1024MB)…well and the server is almost empty since it only has 2-3 low traffic brochure sites on it.

*I am not facing the same issue in Chrome, but I much prefer to use Firefox since it handles many windows/tabs open much better.

I have setup a temp installation for an upcoming complex project using ACSS, Bricksforge, Frames and various template libraries (remote).

My PC is a 14-Core/28 Threads Intel with 64GB DDR4 and NVME SSDS on Windows 11 Pro.

Hi @Jargon,

Welcome to the forum & Bricks :slight_smile: Yes we’re aware of the Firefox search lag and it should be fixed in our next release.

Btw the other post you commented on is an old one and I don’t think it’s relevant. This is the thread regarding the bug you’re facing: WIP: Lag when searching elements in builder with Firefox & Safari

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Hello @charaf,

this bug is not tagged as solved yet and I am experiencing the same problems:
Bricks is really slow when it comes to compled sites in FF and FF Dev.

Furthermore: The structure pane renaming is painfully slow, its really lagging when wanting to rename something.

Should I open another thread about this, or is this information sufficient?

Do you have an estimation, when this will be fixed?

I second that. The original lag in the elements panel is gone since my last report. Right now I am experiencing lag when renaming elements in the structure panel and and when adding classes. It happened both in Chrome and FF Dev Edition.

I thought it was because of my addons but disabling them does not change it - especially the renaming of elements.


Hi @philipp,

Yes we’re aware of the structure panel renaming “lag” which was brought up in this thread and we have assigned an internal ticket for it. But if you have other reproducible instances of “lag” or degraded performance, please feel free to create a new thread with the steps to reproduce it on a new installation.

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Thanks for the info - I think one ticket is enough. looking forward to this getting fixed <3

I’ve sent you an email with further details on laggin with example sites and login credentials for you. These lags are so painful – that should be solved ASAP. Please.

I have the same, very laggy with slightly more complex pages.



Wow, yours is worse than mine.

I posted here some server “interventions” that seem to help but still the problem persists.

Any news from support? I also send URL and Admin access to check.

I am on Mint also but have tested on Windows. I am getting terrible laggy performance. The System cant keep up with my speed and I find my self waiting endlessly for things to respond. Have ACSS and other bricks plugins. Not sure what is going on. I have about 110 elements on my page with various query loops all BEM Classes.

Running Version: but have seen this issue for about the last 3 or 4 months.

Creating new classes and deleting classes takes forever. Many times I Start seeing issues where I change a setting and nothing happens. Once I refresh the page I See my changes.

I have tired on various browsers all of them are the same.

This seems to be a bricks issue. Reminds me of the Oxygen platform.

I am running a dedicated Server 64 gigs of ram.

Did you guys ever find out with the problem was with bricks laggy issue

Hi guys,
a short update here, too (as there are now several reports in which different problems (renaming lag, reordering lag, CPU/memory performance) have been lumped together, making it hard to follow):

We will update this and the mentioned thread as soon as there is news/ a fix. We appreciate your patience!

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Thanks for the status update.

Just a note. Besides those issues mentioned above please also consider the following:

  • Lag when adding classes (less than renaming)
    -Lag when cloning/duplicating elements
    -Lag in the Custom CSS Box - (this is SERIOUS lag)

@Jargon Could you please share temporary admin access to with a screen recording so we can investigate these issues?

Hello @charaf

I just made a fresh staging site for you 1:1 copy of the live site and send you an email with credentials and other relevant info. Try the front page to see how it reacts since it is the most complex page and the issue occurs there. In small simple pages it is much less profound.

You can disable/enable anything since it is not a live site but a staging environment.

I am sure the issue is quite complex and I have spent many hours trying to test various server configs to no avail.

Thank you for taking time to look into this.

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Hi @Jargon,

Thank you so much for sharing access,

We’ve investigated the performance on your homepage and noticed a few things:

We did identify rooms for improvement with duplication and elements reordering. We have logged these observations and will work on an improvement.

But we also noticed that the performance issues on your site are significantly worse when other Bricks addons are active. For example, issues with the custom CSS setting are completely gone after disabling Advanced Themer.

Could you please disable all plugins and try again?


Hey @Jargon, fellow AT user here. Feel free to reach out if you want to compare experiences with AT enabled and disabled, I have a dozen or two builds with AT on them, perhaps we can narrow down some patterns. (that said, I don’t think I’ve been experiencing serious lag in CSS fields, but I haven’t been paying much attention lately either, especially since I switched to a very powerful PC).

I can confirm that a AT user experienced a slow CSS editor when SuperPowerCSS was enabled on a page with tons of elements in it (500+, including dynamic data). I’ve tried to debug the issue but I haven’t been able to find what was going on, neither I was able to replicate it on other sites.

What I can say is the CodeMirror instance of AT is basically getting the value of the editor when typing and assign a string value to the _cssCustom property of the active object - either an element or a class.

I have no report of slow downs when the page contains a normal number of elements in it.

So I tend to believe that the number of elements is the key factor of the lag rather than the CodeMirror instance itself.

I’m happy to collaborate in any possible way if the team think the lags can be somehow related to AT, but it’s also my understanding that it happens on sites without AT installed… anyway feel free to let me know :+1:



If @Jargon can share the access details to his staging environment it might help you debug this further.

@Jargon’s page doesn’t contain that many elements, but I just noticed something: when I deactivate ACSS, the slow CSS editor issue with AT is no longer present. So it may be related to the number of global classes.

Tbh I couldn’t replicate this particular issue without AT being active. However, if you find replicable steps using Bricks only, please let us know :slight_smile:

Edit: his page contains 211 elements to be specific.

Hi @charaf,

I just did some testing and although the custom css issue does indeed have to do with AT it is only ONE feature of AT affecting it. That is Superpower CSS. Disabling this resolves the issue.

Now in Automatic CSS I have pro mode on and a lot of the classes/features are disabled - so it is significantly slimmer than “stock”. This should not be happening but unfortunately, when ON copying/pasting classes is also slow.

Yet, when Automatic CSS is disabled the issue with Superpower CSS enabled is much less profound.

What has nothing to do with the addons are the folllowing:

Duplicating items
Renaming Structure panel elements
These are slow no matter what and obviously separate issues.

We still need to investigate though whether there is an issue in Bricks with the number of global classes it can handle and whether the type of CSS behind these classes (e.g. clamp functions, mixins and other more advanced code play their part).

Is there anyone with a custom framework experiencing the issue? Otherwise perhaps we should notify the guys over Automatic CSS too.