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Hi there!

I just started my first project with Bricks after kicking the bucket for a while (i’m deep in the Elementor ecosystem, so it took a bit for me to explore Bricks). I saw that a Dutch translation is offered. There are some serious spelling mistakes that make the app very confusing to use if you don’t know from context/ know the ui graphic what is meant. Mainly in the builder UI. Things like ‘Wrap content’ in the flex options. This is literally translated, which results in a text that says something in the likes of ‘Giftwrap this content’ :rofl:.

I’m sure this isn’t a level 1 priority. But is there any way I can contribute to the language? I don’t have time to translate EVERYTHING, but I’d love to add a list of strings that should be translated differently. If desired, how should we approach this?



Hi Freerk,
thanks so much for helping and supporting us!

The easiest and most forward way would be to open the Dutch PO translation file under wp-content/themes/bricks/languages with a free software like Poedit , make the changes and when finished, send it to us via email to

Poedit is a simple to use, but yet powerful tool.

Again, thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

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Hi @timmse!
I’ve just started fixing french translations, but what happens if you receive multiple .po files?
How are you gonna merge them all?

I started with Spanish one.
I would like to know the same, but probably there is not so many people doing it

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If you need Italian translation I can help . Just let me know .

Hi @timmse,

There’s an issue with “wrap” translation in French.

The english word has actually two different meanings:

  • wrap words or flex elements (= push them on the line below)
  • wrap an element inside a container (= nest the element inside another)

In french, we can’t use one single word to say this, so strings should be duplicated so that we can use different translations.



In this screenshot, I guess the generic “wrap” string is used, but the french translation has absolutely no meaning.

@timmse also I don’t know why you capitalize all words in the builder labels:

This is very uncorrect in french, and only first letter should be uppercase.

Besides, I find it less readable.
Maybe because it is uncorrect and the brain has to struggle to decode it :rofl:

I’m not sure about other languages, but it doesn’t look right to me either.

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This neither ok in Spanish

Hi Yan, Marco and Giulio,

Good question - in the best case you send us the file only after you have translated it completely. So don’t send a file for each correction. That would make it worse than before in the worst case.

Surely it is possible to merge several files, but then we would have to decide which translation we prefer (if they are different) - and that is difficult if you do not know the language (to my knowledge there is no one else besides you working on it in parallel so far).

So we are just laying that down now:

@yankiara: French
@marcorubiol: Spanish
@g97iulio: Italian
@MKB_Watersport: Dutch (partly)

We really appreciate your help guys! :raised_hands:

Best regards,

Wow, this is pressure :grimacing:

Take all the time in the world… we know that this does not happen overnight and takes time :blush:

What about 1.4 release?
Is it still possible to include our translations?

I gotta a few dozens edits which would clarify things a lot in UI for new users.

That depends on how fast you can deliver them, without wanting to make pressure :smiley:
If they don’t make it into 1.4 they will come in 1.4.1.

I can deliver .po file whenever you like, this is work in progress anyway.

If you think that the translations you have entered so far help enormously, you are welcome to send us the file right now :rocket:

Yes there are some HUGE errors and misinterpretations :wink:
Some are funny, others are very confusing!

I’ll send you the file in 2-3 hours if it is OK.

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ok i’m glad to help. I think that in 1/2 day max it will be ready.

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sent italian translation, quite ready and complete.


I’m translating in Spanish. I’m a little bit stock in some proierties.
@yankiara, @g97iulio, @MKB_Waterspor, how are yo translating (for example) flex-wrap?
Thank You

I use “Passage à la ligne” for the concept of flex-wrap or wrap words.
I use “Ligne unique” for nowrap option (single line).
And I actually use “Wrap” for wrap option, because “wrap reverse” translation would be too long and awkard.

In some cases it is better to leave it in english, I guess :wink:
It takes less space than actually translating it with whatever awkward sentence.

And by the way if you read my message above about “wrap” translation, it’s even more complicated because of the dual meanings of wrap (wrap long lines vs wrap something inside a container)!