Welcome to the Forum

This new forum welcomes all Bricks users and those interested in Bricks and its development. The more constructive questions, feedback, and discussions we can have here, the better the end product will become.

A better way for more extensive and ongoing discussions

We are going to run this forum alongside our already established Bricks Community group on Facebook. It’s my wish though that most bug reports, feature requests, and release-related discussions will happen here in this forum.

Not everyone interested in Bricks has or wishes to use Facebook on a daily basis. This forum provides a more inclusive environment, where everyone can join within a few minutes to read, learn and join any Bricks topic of interest.

Also, Facebook gets messy very quickly and is not ideal for ongoing software development discussions, bug reports, feature requests, etc. This forums’ search, category, and tag capabilities are much more sophisticated. It’ll greatly help us, the team, to better accommodate you and follow up with you.

Getting started with Bricks & staying in the loop

If you are new to Bricks please take advantage of our official knowledgebase, the Brick Academy, over at academy.bricksbuilder.io. You should be able to find answers to most “Getting started” related questions there as well.

If you want to see what we are currently working on, please visit bricksbuilder.io/roadmap

You can also submit your own feature requests via bricksbuilder.io/ideas, upvote existing requests, and comment on those to help us better understand your exact requirements.

What this forum is not about

For any questions that are not product-specific, such as your account or license, reviews, partnerships, affiliate requests, etc. please get in touch with us via help@bricksbuilder.io.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey.

Happy building,
Thomas & the Bricks team


This is all looking very, very exciting! Well done.


Looks great, its going to be big this forum soon :slight_smile: jkeep up the good work.

Glad to be on this journey!

Happy to be with Bricks. This forum design is very clean. And, I love such responsive supports that willing to hear from their user and fix bugs accordingly(open minded). I wish to see Bricks become better and better. Keep it up!!!


Cool, very exited to join the community!

Hello everyone! Great forum experience. I like the simplicity and the good topics separation.

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Very nice this forum and glad to be here. Thx an keep it up!

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Thank you this is much better, such a relief to be rid of FB.


I missed this thread and made my introduction here. Nice to be here:

Great choice to use Discourse as a community software… it is just the best for the task. Better than evil Facebook :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m Davide, I’m not a programmer but a web designer, with an obsession for speed, this project fascinates me, it seems to be well done.


Thanks you for this tool, this is really helpfull, + if the developers take a look on

Hello Bricks friends,

I would like to introduce myself briefly (maybe one or the other already knows me):

I’m the new support guy (now officially), 38 years old, live in Paderborn - Germany, work full-time as a graphic designer and in my spare time I like to take pictures (don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @timmse ;).

I built my first website about 100 years ago with Dreamweaver (yes, funny - but there was nothing else back then). Since then I’ve evolved a bit and built various wordpress websites, mostly with custom, handmade, themes.

Honestly, I never thought there would be a time when I would ever use a PageBuilder again… until I came across Bricks. The development Bricks has made since 1.0 is pure insanity and I am very excited to see what else is to come. I’m especially happy to be a part of it now and to actively contribute to it.

So, happy to meet you and happy to help you in the future as much as I can.

Have a nice weekend and have fun trying out Bricks 1.3.5!
If you encounter any problems, feel free to send us an email to help@bricksbuilder.io or post right here at the forum.

See you soon,
Stefan (@timmse)


Glad that you are now officially on board!


Hello everyone!! I’m really enjoying bricksbuilder

Hi everyone, long time web developer 10+ years. First year running bricksbuilder.

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Hi, greetings from Lisbon, Portugal. My Bricks adventure has begun! Cheers!

hi im firmwareku.com happy reading

Hello everybody!
I am happy to be starting with Bricks today.
Going to see the material available at the Academy and start “playing” with the builder itself.
I will be around if I can help with something.
Regards from Argentina.

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when submit forum so this notification show not send email please tell me what issue