Hello Bricks Community

Hello, I am Max Zieb(ell) from Berlin / Germany and I have a passion for Page builder since ages … triggered through building my own CMS’s back in the dot com era. Furthermore, I just love how this market is exploding nowadays and love playing with the latest tech and applying it to projects.
I find Bricks very promising as it takes all the learning of a couple of years of WordPress Builders and combines them into a glorious new and fresh vision. It has powerful features but doesn’t scare designers away. I bought my license last night and I am looking forward on getting my download link (still hasn’t arrived)… but I guess the devs have their hands full with wrapping up the 1.2 release candidate. Early days! Always exciting!

Best regards,


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In the past some users have reported on the Facebook group that the emails could go to spam, worth checking there as well. Usually Thomas and his team are super quick at sending licenses out.

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It has been resolved. Thanks!