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Membership plugins - any experience?

Hi, Wondering if anyone else has any experience using a Membership plugin with Bricks?

In particular I’m looking at the Content restriction and how that works. ie must be done on the server and not in JS.
Currently I use Ultimate Member and Paid Membership Pro but these are on Elementor sites. I am yet to try moving either to Bricks.


Hi Alan, sorry I can’t help you at all. I have never worked with a wordpress membership plugin before… but if it ever comes, I’ll get back to you :love_you_gesture:

@timmse no worries. I’m happy to play myself. I was just asking in case there were known issues so I didn’t waste time on the wrong one.

I’ll start looking and will update this with any results.

Yes, please!

I did a quick search in the Facebook group for Membership Plugins but unfortunately didn’t find a match…

Therefore: if you have a good recommendation, we would be very happy if you share your experience with us.

I’m in the same boat - Would love to hear what you find out @alanj

Tested Ultimate Member. Installed on a fresh WP ( tried testing on an existing test system and had loads of issues, probably left overs from deleted plugins ). In particular the Content Restriction seems to work ok. You set it based on Logged in status and/or Role on the initial WP page edit, but you can then add any content using Bricks.
It created its various user pages ok.
I’ll carry on testing as need to add loads of test users to really try out the Member Directory functions and Profiles etc. But so far no issues seen.
Sadly one drawback of UM is that it relies on WooCommerce to purchase a membership and create the accounts. This is a very heavy solution for something that should be simple.

I’ll try installing PMP tomorrow and see how that goes.

I have added a request to the Ideaslog for Content Restriction within Bricks - if its accepted give it an upvote please!

Looking at moving some existing membership sites to Bricks has made me question the whole economics. Not Bricks fault - it actually helps, but the cost of all the extra plugins that are required to get a workable site in WP is pretty daunting. Now that I’ve added them all up it seems to me that something like Webflow has a pretty compelling model. Esp when they release their Membership and Business logic upgrades early next year.

On with more testing …


Joomla actually has a pretty good membership addon by with payment built in, and using Joomla built in Member grouping / permissions system - if its just articles or download files you want to limit access to… And its open source…

Unfortunately it doesn’t have a Bricks :slight_smile: