Dynamic data not rendering in builder

Bricks Version: 1.3.7
Browser: Firefox 97.0.1
OS: macOS 10.13.6
URL: Blog – Michaela Grubeck

I have just tried the query loop. When I add dynamic data the builder doesn’t render Heading and Basic Text for the first instance of the loop. Frontend does.


I also tryed it on another Page and refresh.

You mean the dynamic data tag does not show the polulated title, correct? If yes, it is like that now. Have to wait for them to make it work like Oxygen, Zion and other builders.

It’s like shown in the screen shots:
Builder: first post shows no title, other posts do.
Frontend: all posts show their titles.

Yes. It is like that now. It wont show actual content for the first query loop.

It’s not a bug but this needs to be improved.

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Ah, ok … :slight_smile:

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Hi Benjamin,

as Jornes said correctly this is not a bug, it’s exactly what we want, as we think it’s important to know which fields are used. This becomes especially handy if your loop gets more complex.

@jornes What exactly do you think needs to be improved?

Best regards,

@timmse not sure if you accept my opinion.
Maybe, make the dynamic data tag show the content(the actual data not the tag) in the builder instead of dynamic data tag.

This is just an idea.

As long as the dynamic data tag used, the tag remains in the left panel. Then, the tag in the page layout, would render the actual content from our page/post.

It would be great if this is doable.


Hi Stefan,

I completely understand your point. In the case I showed you I had to make the first post full-width and could not see the rendered result because the other posts look different. I was just wondering because using the posts-element I see the rendered result of the first post. But, I understand your approach here.

I agree with jornes. Perhaps there’s a switch for more complex layouts in a future version. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies,

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Hey! @benjamin

I would like to know, how do you make the loop query full width for 1st loop and different look for 2nd loop and so on?

Thanks in advance!

You could use the pseudo-selector :nth-child for that. It should (never tried it this way) also work with the states / pseudo-classes inside the builder

:nth-child - CSS | MDN (mozilla.org)

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@jornes I think there‘s an option for that in the builder. I‘m not infront of my computer at the moment … Perhaps I just used two separate queries. On for the latest post, full width. The second with three columns and offset set to 1.

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I see. You use two separate queries. I think I get how it works then. I will give it a try. Thanks Buddy!

I’m not a fan of this either. From a design perspective, I think it can be distracting to have an item that doesn’t display consistently with how you’re trying to lay things out. Perhaps a toggle for this and other dynamic content features would be a solution?


The toggle is a brilliant idea :muscle:

It would allow dev to quickly check dynamic tags in a glance but by default would show the real frontend. Better if client edits a page :wink:

I will have to disagree with you guys on this one especially with a loop, because we get to see the styling from the rest of the loop.

However, that said…I do agree that if it is not contained in a loop i.e. a one-off such as a hero heading or if it is part of a loop that has not been activated then yes 100% some form of toggle because the only way you can check the styling in these cases is by going to the frontend.


I’m not sure if you have already checked this reply as you asked what I think needs to be improved. I believe that most of us tell things out clearly.