Lack of true support for Term and Taxonomy editing

Noticing an odd issue when we are trying to make a template for a custom Taxonomy. Currently, we have a taxonomy called Movies, where it includes custom fields and such to let us make an IMDB style page for movies we have covered.

It seems this is normal, but when you are designing something, the lack of support makes it harder. While it is possible to do some of the testing, it feels much less strightforward then it should.

I hope this can see attention going forward

Hey Brendan!

May I ask what you mean by lack of support? Also might be worth listing what attention it needs or how it would be better and hopefully, they can implement it if something is not right or another member of the forum can help with advice to solve the problem you have? :slight_smile:

Right now it will not pull in any data, including the title or meta fields, so it becomes hard to work with

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Ah yes I totally agree! Its hard to style it, especially when you have a long custom field string and it breaks the design.

I know there have been discussions about I think it was @jornes who initially mentioned it but I cannot remember the outcome and cannot find posts that discussed it. But yeah it would be good for it to render the custom field instead of showing the tag in the builder.

While it is fine for standard concepts, when you are trying to build out a more complex taxonomy, the current situation is very limiting.

Hey @Michael
Did you mean this?

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Yes thank you @jornes, :+1: I think there was more too. It would be nice if there were an option to run the render similar to oxygen or just display it as standard like in Ele

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Yes. I have a one-page website that used full ACF on it and it is ugly in the backend as all are showing dynamic data tags instead of actual content rendered.

I hope that they get it sorted. I have also suggested, hope the team behind Bricks will take it into consideration.

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