WPML Compatibility thread

Hi Bricks team,
we are working on several project a year that requires WPML. (80% of our website are bilingual). We see that WPML is on the roadmap and we understand that you have a lot of stuff to work on with hundreds of request!

However, after spending at least 15 hours testing Bricks & WPML, we haven’t found any major incompatibility. We tested:

  • Different header/footer for different language (Menu is simply the WP menu which is automatically translated)
  • Regular page translation
  • Archive page translation
  • Custom post type archive & single post translation
  • Slug structure… etc.

Archive & single template don’t need to be duplicated and the correct content (from the post itself or acf fields) show on front-end. The only reason why we would need to duplicate/translate the Bricks template itself is if you have hard coded text (non-dynamic) in the template. For this, we simply use the wpml-icl-language-code condition in a code block (and we custom code the content, not using the Brick UI).

My question is:

**Is there something important we missed? What’s missing to make Bricks officially compatible that we should be aware of? It would be great if you could confirm what are the issue preventing Bricks & WPML official compatibility **

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Hi there,

I’m in a very similar situation as John. Please let us know if there is any incompatibility between WPML and Bricks.

Thank you,

@thomas it would be awesome if you could just confirm if there is anything major regarding WPML compatibility :pray:

Just curious. Why do you prefer WPML instead of Translatepress?