WIP: Optimize Bricks Website


I think team should optimize the bricks builder own website. Any body who test the bricks builder site on Google Pagespeed Insights might get a wrong impression of Bricks’s performance.

  1. Is the Bricks builder website running on the latest version? It seems to me that it’s running on an older version. Please update to the latest.

  2. Please also use webp images to reduce the load time.

  3. Why inline css is used? Use external css file generation to generate less css and all the .css files to be cached.

  4. Tweak the bricks native optimization options in the site.

  5. Generate static cache pages for non logged in user as there is not any dynamic function on the site for non logged in users.

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First, get to 2.0 then site facelifting… :wink:

@tole011 It will hardly take an hour for them to tweak the website. I am not asking for a facelift. Just tweaking Bricks performance options and regenerating images as webp.

This just highlights the folly of chasing numbers on sketchy tools, especially just a single result.

Personally just use the site - it’s fast for me.

It’s not just that. Website doesn’t even describe fairly the power of bricks builder. I was amazed when find out about nestable elements repeater feature in action. UX and UI is awful too. It took me so long to find this forum and academy before purchase that I thought they might be private pages.
Design is not clever in any way. Not even a respected simple design.
But I wouldn’t worry about these now. I think they have time to fix that when the product is ready from their point of view.
though, a better presentation of query builder right now can guarantee joining o2 confused users in bricks community.

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Fair point the link to try out the builder should be before the buy section and overall the academy and forum is quite hidden.

On the other hand this forum is already really full, it’s hard to handle for two people and I wonder how they manage between fixing bugs.

I guess bricks growth should be less rapid for the next months. Doesn’t give us users anything if the makers are burned before their product has reached version 2.

Yeah, I feel like this is pretty similar to the conversations about the subscription model. I’m sure they know what they’re doing. Speed scores and design aren’t everything. The site seems pretty snappy to me. And it’s their site, just let them design it how they want. I doubt they are hurting for cash. And clearly people are still finding Bricks even though their site is poorly built and slow (in your eyes).

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@cmstew If that is the case why they have put pagespeed scores comparison on the site and made a claim about it on the homepage. Performance & SEO – Bricks (bricksbuilder.io)

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They aren’t claiming that their website is faster. Although I can see how it might be interpreted that way.

@omega What da!? Let’s see your PageSpeed Insights, shall we?

You don’t need to attack me. I am not claiming/selling a product with high pagespeed scores. If team sees the merit in my feedback they will accept it.

I agree Bricks’s website to get optimized as Bricks Builder is claimed to be a lightweight and high scoring on Google Page Insight. More convincing! :muscle:t3:


This is just a discussion. Not meant to come across as an attack. I just have a different opinion than you.

There’s always value in improving a site, I just doubt this is something that they are unaware of and need to be reminded of. I’m sure they know what they’re doing.

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Why I made this thread? Bricks getting bad publicity in many places due to posts like this. Bricks home page got tested and scored bad due to old version & lack of Bricks options fine tuning. Prospective customer decided to buy Cwicly instead of Bricks. @thomas


Thanks so much for highlighting the possible improvements. Our website (https://bricksbuilder.io) currently runs on version 1.1.3 (pre-container days) :disguised_face:

We haven’t touched it in a very long time.

One of the tasks I am looking forward to tackle soon (now that 1.5 is live) … is a complete rebuild of the site using this latest version :rocket: Showcasing all the cool features we’ve built over the last few months.

Let me know what you think needs to be highlighted on the new website.



Thank you for your prompt response. Yes. I think that will be nice. I have noticed repeated questions across - Is ‘X’ feature there in Bricks? This might put an end to them. I like the way Breakdance and Zion have highlighted all their features on their website.

Features – Breakdance
Zion Builder Features | A new powerful WordPress website builder

I think main features can be highlighted decently and rest of them have a mention with a link to related Bricks academy page.

Now what features to highlight - Bricks have so many amazing features. I wonder what not to highlight. Let us see what community think needs to be highlighted.

Edit: At least the dynamic functions needs to be highlighted. No other builder have native ACF/Metabox/Jetengine relationship support. Also Bricks have the highest dynamic integration. Also the ability to write dynamic field anywhere is a life saver. Other builder restricts you with where you can insert the dynamic data or in what format.


Mention the rate of your updates and clear roadmap. It’s remarkable and refreshing to see the speed of updates and the fact you are talking about futures releases and actually following up on those promises.

It’s something to be proud of!


I love this so much. I think most users do.

Add element IDs & Class as needed

Should tell the world how clean the output Bricks brought to the front end with this feature.


I do agree with Jornes on this one; this feature alone is the first (to me) in a WordPress site builder, it should be highlighted!

Also, a timeline section where you enumerate all the Bricks updates with short mentions of how many updates and fixes they had. It will demonstrate the dedication your development team has!

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