WIP: Nav Menu flexbox issues in older browsers

Browser: Smart TV browsers Samsung and LG
OS: Samsung and LG

We just updated to 1.7 and now all our members who use a smart TV are seeing a vertical expanded nav menu. It is not the mobile menu because it has the same styling as the desktop menu but all items are vertically arranged and sub-menus expanded.

Grateful for any input on this one.

Hi Harry,
Thanks so much for your report!

Can you provide a link so we can see the problem?
Which browser is being used on the SmartTV?

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Hi @timmse many thanks - I have sent an email to help@ with details.

Hi @timmse as the weekend is one of our busiest times of the week, I’ve received a lot of complaints about this yesterday and today. Could you please check the help@ emails and let me know if you discover anything.

I know smart tvs are probably not considered as important - but they are used by a lot of people from older generations who find computer screens too small and that is unfortunately our market in this case.

Many thanks.

Hi Harry,
We have received the link but cannot see the problem. With which browser/OS does the problem occur?

Hi @timmse it occurs on most native smart tv browsers as far as I can tell. I have checked on a 2022 LG Oled running the latest LG Webos and the issue is present. HOWEVER, if I switch to the Amazon Silk browser, everything is fine.

Please check using the native tv browser, not Amazon Silk. So far I have confirmed reports from customers running LG, Panasonic and Samsung.

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Hey, the basic problem with native smart TV browsers is that they are rarely if ever updated. On my Panasonic Smart TV which is now over 10 years old, almost no (modern) website works in the native browser as its state is about the same as IE 6.

Let’s approach the issue differently, since there is no easy way to test every conceivable TV model / OS / browser:

Apparently, this issue is also present on some laptops although I have yet to find out which OS and browsers the members concerned are using.

Can you tell me more about this already?

Hi @timmse yes, it’s legacy devices that did work with Bricks 1.6.2 but no longer with 1.7.

iPad OS version: 12
MacBook OS version: High Sierra

I appreciate these are legacy but it’s hard to argue with people about their device being out of date when they say:

“I don’t have any issue viewing any other websites. It’s just your site that’s broken. Are you telling me I need to buy a new device just to view your site?”

Many thanks,


@timmse UPDATE:

Had a flood of emails this morning (the site releases new content on Monday morning so it’s always pretty busy). I think we are at 100+ members with nav menu issues now.

I have had to roll back to 1.6.2 in the hope that you guys can resolve this issue in 1.7.

Hi Harry,
I think I have found the cause of the problem. It’s not just affecting the menu, but other areas as well.

I’ll get back to you when I can say more. Until then please stay with Bricks 1.6.2 :v:

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Hi @timmse many thanks for the update. That’s encouraging news.

Will stay on 1.6.2 as advised.

Hi @timmse Oh wow - this fix didn’t make into 1.7.1?

No, unfortunately not. We are working on bringing it into 1.7.2.

@timmse am I still stuck on 1.6.2? I can’t see any reference to the :where selector fix in the 1.7.2 changelog?

Hey Harry, it isn’t fixed yet and therefore not mentioned. Please have a little bit more patience :v:

@timmse this is gutting. I (and the other people who have mentioned this) are now two versions behind. With 1.8 beta coming out, you’re going to be focused on that, so what are the chances that this will get resolved any time soon?

Unless you need any of the new features, there is no reason to update immediately. Your pages will run stable and without problems with 1.6.2 and will continue to do so until we have fixed this specific problem with clearly outdated browsers.

The fix will most likely be part of the next version - like many other fixes. Some need a little more time, as is unfortunately the case with this one.

@timmse understood.

But just as a point of note: a 2023, $4,000 LG OLED Smart TV exhibits the issue so a company the size of LG clearly don’t think their browser is outdated.

One other thing: 1.6.2 is also preventing me from updating Woocommerce. I updated Woo on a staging site running 1.6.2 and got this:

You’re using a WooCommerce shop on a site that is mainly used on an LG TV? That’s an interesting scenario indeed.