WIP: How to exclude filter options which are not available for the current WooCommerce category?

If I place a products filter on a certain product category page which contains a global product attribute which is used across multiple WooCommerce product categories I also see the attribute options which are not available for this category. How can I prevent this?

Hi Bart,

Unfortunately, this isn’t possible at the moment, but we are aware of it and will see, how we can improve the filter in the future.

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Hi Stefan,

Thanks for your reply! I already expected it is not possible yet. For now I will exclude the non available options via CSS as a workaround. Hope that the filter will be improved in the future.
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@timmse - has any progress been made on this feature?

Hey @dapan,
No, unfortunately, not yet. But have you had a look at our new filter element? This should make it possible :star_struck:

Let me know in the bugs category if you encounter any issues :slight_smile:

Nice! Thanks, I’ll take a peak soon. Appreciate the response.