WIP: Builder language stuck at site language, not profile nor builder language

What am I doing wrong?

This never used to be a problem, but now the builder switched to German.


Probably the site language. Or maybe the software default language?


My profile and my builder are set to English.


Hi @andxblink ,
Thanks for reaching out!

Which version are you using?

Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce the issue. Do you have any translation plugins installed? We currently have a similar report with TranslatePress: WIP: Builder language doesn't apply

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I still have this. Now on version: 1.7

We were using Weglot and switched to Linguise that is basically the same as Weglot.

Let’s put it this way: if you had answered back in November, the problem would probably have already been fixed :wink:

We already have a current report about it and could reproduce it now.

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Hi there.

Could You be so kind and tell me if You would still recommend Linguise for Bricks?

With pleasure. See DM

Hey @andxblink,
We can no longer reproduce the problem with the current Bricks 1.8beta. Can you confirm this? If not, please show me your specific settings (site, user, bricks) again.

Sadly, now I have it again, albeit a bit differently. I am uncertain if this was gone before and is back, or if for me, it was never solved.




I can reproduce the problem and have added it to the bug tracker.

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has a solution been found for this issue? updated to Version: 1.8.1

update: downgrading doesn’t have any effect on this

No - the task is still WIP = work in progress.
The problem only occurs with some custom fields and is therefore not as problematic as it was back in November.

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well for me it is very problematic since there is no website i produce that doesn’t uses CPTs

Subjectively, I can understand that. Objectively, we have to look at the big picture and take care of the problems first that affect much more users. I’m sure you understand that. If the problem were easy to solve, we would have fixed it already in Bricks 1.8.1.

Hi @timmse Not sure whether this belongs here or if it needs a separate thread, but I have a similar issue with the plugin “Smash Balloon Custom Facebook Feed Pro” Custom Facebook Feed: Best Facebook feed plugin for WordPress
When I added it, the language in the builder switched to German. If I deactivate the plugin, it goes back to English. :thinking:

Hi @Niko_S,
If it’s plugin related, it’s a different issue and needs a separate task (or an email ticket, as we need access either way since it’s a paid plugin).

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Just a heads-up:

With V 1.8.5 the wrong language has become much more pronounced. Not to say, now everything is wrong (as far as I have seen and tested it).

I’m still loving your work, so, all is good on balance :slight_smile:

Hi, that means what exactly? What is wrong/not working, and what/how did you test?

Please allow me some time to collect me and details.

Here is an example. My site is in German language, but my personal profile is set to English. Feels like the input value in control fields may have an issue.