WiesenWert - a site for a herbalist

Hey @sebastianberger :wave:t3:

Awesome looking site, thanks for sharing.

Would you be able to share how did you go about the Newsletter subscription form, especially the permission checkbox?

I see you used WSForms for your forms. Is your nesletter subscription done also with WSForms and which CRM or email marketing provider does it connect to?

I’ve been trying to do this with Bricks alone. Create a Bricks form, add a permission checkbox and connect to Sendgrid CRM list via the Bricks native form ‘Action’.

Long story short, it’s not currently possible and there’s a ticket I raised about it here: NO BUG: Issue connecting to Sendgrid list

The issue is that the native Bricks form ‘Action’ would have to be conditional for this to work. So if the permission checkbox is checked (user gave permission) the contact goes into Sengrid, but if the checkbox is not checked (user didn’t give permission), I only receive the contact enquiry message, but the contact details don’t go into my Sendgrid CRM.

Currently that’s not possible, maybe hopefuly soon, but I was just wondering how did you go about your form and what tools did you use for that?