WiesenWert - a site for a herbalist

Hey guys!

Completed last year, but it’s an ongoing project.
Here is one of my projects, in this case a private one that I built for my fiancée.


Obviously Bricks was used together with ACSS, Frames, WSForms, Happy Files, WP Social Ninja and Bricks Extras.

In the further course of development a few more subtle animations with Brickforge are planned.
I’m pretty happy with the performance too (tested from germany and the tool has a big spread so don’t wonder when you get different results).

If you see any problems or have any suggestions for improvement, please write them in the comments!


Nice. Clean and the style perfectly fitting the page content.



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Oh, this is really nice, really clean, really soft and really beautiful. Good job! :metal:t4::green_heart:

Still, there are a few details that in my view would need a bit of retouching.

I thought that the arrow did not load, but then inspected the code and saw that it is supposed to be text? I think a special kind dark green arrow would work much better. Have a look to nounproject https://thenounproject.com/


I personally find the cursive style in all the headings here a bit too much.

The style inside the accordion is a bit stragne. Missing a couple of line breaks and a bit too little padding. Also I personally don´t like the style of the background.

The body text is a bitt too small and condensed, really difficult to read what it says here (and not only because I don´t know the language)

I find this much easier to read
font-size: 21px;
max-width: 650px;
letter-spacing: .03em;

Personally, this really heavy and with no letter spacing text on buttons don´t works too well.

Something like this works better to my eyes

And that´s all. Good job! :metal:t4:

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Thank you so much for taking your time to analyse it and create ideas and mockups! That helps a lot! =)

The slider is simply a caching bug. Should be resolved now (but I have to investigate why it repeatly happens).

I like the idea with but button typo. I will show it to my fiancee and let’s see how she like it. =)

FAQs are ongoing and you’re right with your feedback. I’m also not that happy with them but I think in the moment about the structure in the backend (actually ACF fields on every page) and when I’m happy with this I will itterate the design too.

I will check some options with the bodytext especially with max-width and font-size itself. I wouldn’t add a letterspacing. I like to use letterspacing as tool on headings and buttons but don’t like it on longer texts. Maybe I will change the whole font to a better readable one. The good thing is that noting is fixed in her Corporate Design yet so I can act fluid.

Thanks again for your awesome feedback! I appreciate it a lot!

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Hey @sebastianberger :wave:t3:

Awesome looking site, thanks for sharing.

Would you be able to share how did you go about the Newsletter subscription form, especially the permission checkbox?

I see you used WSForms for your forms. Is your nesletter subscription done also with WSForms and which CRM or email marketing provider does it connect to?

I’ve been trying to do this with Bricks alone. Create a Bricks form, add a permission checkbox and connect to Sendgrid CRM list via the Bricks native form ‘Action’.

Long story short, it’s not currently possible and there’s a ticket I raised about it here: NO BUG: Issue connecting to Sendgrid list

The issue is that the native Bricks form ‘Action’ would have to be conditional for this to work. So if the permission checkbox is checked (user gave permission) the contact goes into Sengrid, but if the checkbox is not checked (user didn’t give permission), I only receive the contact enquiry message, but the contact details don’t go into my Sendgrid CRM.

Currently that’s not possible, maybe hopefuly soon, but I was just wondering how did you go about your form and what tools did you use for that?


Hi @Bloggs !

Thanks for your feedback! :slight_smile:
I connected WSForms to Mailerlite with the dedicated Plugin from WSForm. But it works also with a lot of other services via webhook or worst case Make / Zapier.

The Bricks internal shape tool is not designed for this. However, you can use it in cooperation with Bricksforge.

I know also that there is a webhook function built by a community member. It should be not that hard (worst case with gpt) to add a condition that checks the additional checkbox. Only as an idea. :slight_smile:

Using WSForm “only” for a newsletter registration would be a bit excessive, but since I use and will build many more complex forms in the project, it fits very well.

No worries, thanks for the intel @sebastianberger .

Btw. what do you mean by:

What is the shape tool you’re refering to?

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Dear @sebastianberger !

First of all, I’m really happy to have you here in the community!
I come from Oxygen myself :wink:

I really think this site is great!
Great pictures, pleasant colors, it just fits!

May I ask where you got the pictures? Painted on my own?

You come from Germany yourself and are certainly familiar with the GDPR :wink: That’s why I think it’s very nice that you also show that you don’t always have to track everything (cookieless website <3, even if I I otherwise really like cookies ;-))

Maybe switch to the mobile menu earlier in the navigation.
The navigation wraps at 1136px / 1137px.
The “company logo” (the text “WiesenWert”) is also wrapped, which I don’t think is so nice.
But mostly I’m concerned with navigation.
See image.

The body text size could also be a little bigger for ME =)

The picture of Madita in the post template could also be larger =)

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It was a mistyping. internal "form"tool was the meaning. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I appreciate your feedback! <3

Yes, the feedback with the nav also arrived in the FB Group. I will change the breakpoint. The wrapping is definitly ugly. That’s an interesting problem because the breakpoint is already set to tablet portrait and there is no larger one in the menu setting.
Worst case I have to build a custom one. There is room for designimprovements. :slight_smile:

Pictures of my fiancee can always be larger. :smiley: I will definitly consider this. =)

Bodytext is already on 20. I don’t think I will change this to a larger one now but I take it on the backlog as idea.

The assets were generated by midjourney. Handpaint it by myself would be interesting but definitly too timeconsuming sadly.