NO BUG: Issue connecting to Sendgrid list

Hey guys :wave:,

I’m having an issue connecting to a SendGrid list in the form.

I’ve got a SenGrid API correctly setup with full permissions. Added to the API’s in settings. I’ve got a list created in SendGrid.

In the form itself, as an ‘Action’ I’m selecting ‘SendGrid’.

The first select dropdown ‘List’ can’t be opened/selected. No values coming up.

Any ideas?

Also just a quick question, would I be able to create a conditional checkbox for the SendGrid submission?
So ‘Only’ if the checkbox is checked, the details are sent to SendGrid?

Many thanks,

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Hi Jan,
Thanks so much for your report!

Can you please re-save the Bricks settings? This will force pulling the latest sendgrid lists. If it still doesn’t work, would you be so kind as to send temporary login credentials and a link to this thread to using the email address you used during the purchase?

Regarding your second question: I don’t quite understand what you mean. You can insert a required checkbox so that the form is only sent if the checkbox is checked, yes - if that’s what you mean :smiley:

Best regards,

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Hi @timmse ,

Many thanks for getting back. You’re right, re-saving the settings seems to have worked, the list now came up and is working.

As for the second question, i’m using Sendgrid setup on my contact form. But of course I don’t want to send everyone who fills up the contact form to my Sendgrid list, because that would be breaking rules of the GDPR and all that.

So I need to place a checkbox that says something on the lines of: ‘Yes please, hit me with your spam’ to my contact form.

Then only if this checkbox is checked (people agreed with receiving marketing mail), then I can pass the details over to my Sendgrid list and eventually hit those who signed up with a marketing email.

Same goes for the Mailchimp option. So my question was if there is a way to do that? To setup a condition, that would only trigger the ‘Sendgrid’ Action, if the checkbox is checked?

Thanks again, Jan

I’m glad that it works now :slight_smile:

As I already said:

If the checkbox is required and not checked, the form is not sent / the action is not performed / your sendgrid list is not updated.

Thanks @timmse

The required checkbox in this case will not work.

Let me explain:

Exactly, if you make the checkbox required, and the checkbox is not checked, then the form will not send. But that’s not what I’m after.

As I said before, this is a Contact Form. The contact form has following fields:
and the Checkbox that says: Yes, I give permission, please put my details on your marketing list.

The checkbox here acts as a permission. By checking the box people are giving permission that I can use their details for my marketing purposes.

If people fill up the Contact Form and check the checkbox (give permission), then the form is sent triggering both actions ‘Email’, and also ‘Sendgrid’. So I receive their message, and the details are also passed onto my Sendgrid marketing list, where I can use these details for marketing purposes.

But If people fill up the Contact Form and leave the checkbox unchecked, then the form will still send as I still need to receive the message, but in this case only action ‘Email’ is triggered.
The second action ‘Sendgrid’ will not trigger since people didn’t give permission (by not checking the box) with adding their details onto my Sendgrid marketing list.

So, I need the Contact Form to send regardless of whether the checkbox is checked or not, but only record the details into Sendgrid (trigger action ‘Sendgrid’) if the checkbox has been checked. (people gave permission)

Does it make more sense?

Please take a look at this example:


Hi Jan,
Thank you for the detailed explanation. Now I understand what you mean.

Unfortunately, this feature does not yet exist and accordingly it is currently not possible to make an action dependent on a field. Would you please submit this as a feature request on the idea board?

Thanks @timmse

Done, idea submitted with title: “Form: Conditional Submit Action”

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