Why does a section model need to have a wrapper?

I noticed that if I create a section template and recall it in a page with the ‘template’ component of the left panel, bricks creates a ‘brxe-template’ container element which I personally find conceptually useless for 2 reasons:

The first is that the use of templates should be something that facilitates the reusability of objects within Bricks and should not affect the html output,

the second is that I have noticed that many functions of the style panel of the template component become useless as most of the characteristics of the object are already defined in the template of the same;

from my point of view when using the template component, the style panel should simply be deleted.

Another problem of the use of section type templates is perfectly explained also in this post

Another very useful feature would be to be able to explode the template object as it allows for example Elementor.

Thanks to this function it is possible to insert in the workflow the possibility of creating new templates that start from existing templates in a simpler and more fluid way.

Imagine a section type template created to fit in a central column, maybe the customer in the other pages wants it in the narrowest right column, therefore with a slightly different formatting; I could at this point recall a template, make it explode and modify it and then save it as a new template …

I would make the section template management like the following image

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I haven’t used Elementor but if I am understanding you correctly, this is already possible in Bricks by bringing up the Templates dialog (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + L) or the folder icon in the editor at the right, and clicking INSERT TEMPLATE button for your Section Template.

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you rigth i missed this feature