We still need access to query loop settings when querying bi-directional relationships

Currently, when you select to query from a bi-directional relationship, you lose all the rest of the query settings:

For example, I still want to be able to choose the number of posts that are queried. I create a relationship between my testimonials and services so I can show testimonials that are related to a specific service on a service page. I still need to be able to choose the number of testimonials I query even when querying from this relationship (among many other examples)…


Would you not just add another loop with your desired settings?

Not sure what you mean…

I have a custom post type of event and locations. The two are related via a mb relationsship.

How to show the events of locations?

First div loop → for locations - here you can set how many posts you want to show
Second div loop → mb relationship event - location

Now if you add a dynamic heading for the post title it shows you the events for all locations

If you would disable the second loop it would only show the locations. If you enable the second mb loop it shows you the events name related to the locations.

Is this not a similar usecase?

No, that’s not how I’m using them.

I have a service page “Web design”. I have FAQs that are related to that service.

I want to query the FAQs on the web design page.

There’s only one loop needed, but that loop has no controls for the query once the relationship is selected.


Exactly … these additional controls are heavily missing! Fully support your request!

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I prefer how Oxygen gets the relationship. It’s simply a post query with post__in filter of the relation field.

But the problem of bricks now is: 1. Post query’s post__in filter does not support dynamic data. 2. Bricks gives a dedicated relationship query. But this query, like you said, has no additional options.

@Thomas any update on this issue?

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It is very necessary, I hope it will be added soon

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