We still need access to query loop settings when querying bi-directional relationships

Please make this available as a standard!

I need this as well. When it will be available?

Looking forward to this feature


From my point of view, this is not really necessary anymore because with the query editor you can do everything and so much more:

It is one of the most powerful functions in Bricks.




It is necessary for people that want to accomplish these things without knowing how to write php. I think bricks must fix it at some point. With that logic why use bricks builder? Just learn to write code…

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I thought I would regret signing up for pro access, Sridhar. But finding this solution made me beam. Purchase completely justified.

Though, I would like relationship query options to be built out.

Two years later and still not available in bricks editor

Any update on this part?

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I want to also cast my vote in on this capability. Would be great to extend and customize the outputs of data pulled back from CPT relationships.

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