We rally need id?

I was asking myself if we really need the IDs.

If they don’t exist we could have cleaner html.

Could be a posibility to not have it and create it only when is necesary?

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Maybe there is no better way, you can try the new beta version with lighter html.
Changelog – Bricks (bricksbuilder.io)

Why not generate the ID only when at least one CSS property has been customized?

Or maybe better:

  • add a button to generate an ID, and if we don’t do it, all styles are disabled;
  • add an option to generate inline CSS instead of ID when we just need a few properties.

This way, we use classes for global or multiple stuff, and we generate IDs only for individual stuff or anchors or specific selectors when needed.
This would really make a clean code and would put Bricks ahead of every other builder :wink:

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Hi guys,
It is only since Bricks 1.3.5 possible to add classes to elements. In terms of versions, that’s just 3, if I count the current beta - so the whole class system is still pretty fresh, and one or the other corner still needs to be tweaked.

We have already thought about removing the IDs, but that would be a bit too early at this point. One step at a time…

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I know that, but is more about doing it cleaner every time. Just thinking in loud

I was thinking in loud.
I would like to see this posibility in some point.


Remarkably, this has been put into consideration. Yes. I agree that we rarely need IDs. Without the IDs, entire output will be much cleaner.