Final Performance Improvements


Bricks is the fastest WP builder right now in terms of page loading performance. There is little scope for the finishing touches.

1) Inline the critical css to solve the render blocking issue: I know I can use a plugin to do so but I feel no body have the better idea than Bricks team what css should be loaded at top inlined. Divi builder have this feature.

2) Dynamic JS loading: Bricks main js file loads for all features. I feel js file should be conditonally loaded. I am not sure what will be the best approach for this. May be the js code can be splitted into multiple small bundles and they are loaded as the features are used. If that leads to many bundles then the js file can be splitted in 2 files. I have many pages with no js based features and I even use css only slider on many pages. So I feel I don’t need the total bundle. Zion & Divi have this feature.

3) Removal of #ids: It was discussed here in a thread to remove ids to make the dom cleaner. I understand Bricks is a theme so there won’t be any issue of overlapping css coming from the theme. I know removing ids will only improve the dom structure by little. Not sure what is the best thing to do here. We rally need id? - Miscellaneous - Bricks Community Forum (

I feel these improvements will allow us to have more higher page speed scores allowing Bricks to be able to market it as the faster wp page builder out there.