Using the Bricks Builder and Gutenberg Saving Feature with Clients

Hi Folks:
I considering buying Bricks Builder and am trying out the online test site.

I see that it has the ability to save as gutenberg data and read gutenberg data which I find interesting for two reasons:

  1. I have some sites (such as a huge one I did in Avada) that would be a real pain to convert if I ever needed too (so while I may buy and end up loving Bricks Builder, I don’t like being locked in).
  2. Using with Customers.

If any of you have used this feature I have two questions relating to the above:

  1. Any issues when converting back and forth?
  2. Do any of you let clients edit their site using Gutenberg and then import the changes into Bricks, or do you just use the setting in Bricks to only allow them to edit?