URL parameters for filters

Will there be an option to work with filters without ajax?

It would be nice to make a separate option, when enabled, parameters from the selected filters will be dynamically added to the shared URL.

It is also better to make these parameters configurable so that in the URL, instead of technical information about the request, you can see simple and understandable SEO parameters. This will make it easier to read information from the URL, as well as have a permanent link to the filtered page.

For SEO, of course, you will need more settings there, but you can start by adding parameters to the URL.


I wholeheartedly endorse this!!

That’s a must have, I agree

Yes please, we need this!

Agreed. A toggle for this functionality would be ideal. Without it, you can’t really do anything too advanced with the new filters, but with it you could do all sorts!

Another thing as an offshoot, would be to enable filters not connected to a query - but that instead simply pass their values to a url via query string, and pre filter the target page with their values


Upvote for this !
Optional and configurable search parameters would be needed.

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