Tailwind Classes natively

As a developer, I would love to be able to use Tailwind classes on Bricks builder natively.

Tailwind every time software use statistics are published keeps increasing the number of developers that like the most. It speeds up the development and makes it easy to build beautiful websites in a record time. It is even very easy to escalate and evolve a project made with Tailwind.

Developers would love to have Tailwind natively and ready to use in Bricks, and that will make Bricks builder more popular and easy to use.

Please consider integrating Tailwind classes! Maybe is not possible to manage classes as Tailwind does behind the scenes, but I think most developers will love to be able to use the utility classes in a simple and native way.


Winden or tailpress. both should do the job.

The issue is that as they are not native, they add problems to the installation, I’m not even sure about compatibility or that they harm the performance. Not to mention the complexity of installing it in each new project.

complexity of install? i don’t see it as a big problem to install a simple plugin. and i really don’t expect a “native” tailwind integration for bricks.

there is accs, there are 2 tailwind plugins already existing. no real reason for a native integration.
winden for example claims compaitibily for bricks, oxy, gutenberg… with a 10kb css file.

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Tailpress is not a plugin requires installation through composer

Which is not something all users can do

Winden for Bricks is just an Alpha version

winden for bricks is no alpha.
tailpress is a plugin TailPress – Tailwind for WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

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That plugin adds the CDN which is not real Tailwind classes and harms performance.
Winden as they say in the video is an alpha and are asking people to use and tell them how it works

so no soltuin for you. i am sorry. have a nice sunday.

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Thank you very much, you too!!

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It will be cool to have a better support for utility class frameworks.

I am really looking at the combo Winden +Tailwind deeply (more lightweight than ACSS, as it export ONLY what is used. And that there is simply way more features, while keeping the ability to custom everything).

For better support, I imagine a mode where we can have a text area for all the classes. It will make it super easy to modify and add new one (like the plugin “Plain classes” from Dplugin).

Autocomplete for a selected Framework (Tailwind / ACSS) like on the TW playground (https://play.tailwindcss.com/) would be awesome too!


I have to say that Automatic Css is a great framework and I said to integrate Tailwind css thinking as complemetary or another choice

Bricks should be remain framework agnostic. Users are free to add any CSS framework themselves, but Bricks shouldn’t include it as part of its native installation. Because if Bricks does add Tailwind, then what about other frameworks like Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma, and the other dozen or so frameworks out there? Where will the line be drawn to which framework gets added in or not?


It was an idea, since it would integrate the fastest growing framework by far, and would make it very easy to develop. Nowadays, if it is not native, the solutions that exist are not good or convenient. So it loses the opportunity to be attractive to any developer who knows Tailwind. Even if it were natively it would most likely solve current problems related to classes or their optimization that Tailwind has already solved.

“So it loses the opportunity to be attractive to any developer who knows Tailwind”

  1. It doesn’t because you’re free to integrate it or use a plugin that solves this for you.
  2. Tailwind and wordpress is a mess. If you want it: use Tools like Sage and Trellis. Here you have a great developement approach with all the strengths TW of course has.
  3. Tailwind is overcomplicated for pagebuilders. It generates a mess of frontendcode. Not in any case a utilityapproach is the right one.

In opposite if bricks would use tw only it would limit the builder to people who like tw and not everyone fits this case. I agree to teeugene that a builder should be frameworkagnostic. Everything else is limiting for the users.

If you want to get an idea how messy it feels to use tw in a builder give a try to pinegrow. Welcome in the frontend UX / UI hell.


My idea was that Tailwind would be natively integrated, but in no case that its use or activation would be exclusively mandatory.

With what would be the best of both worlds, the majority tendency of developers indisputable by the statistics I have provided. And the people that have other preferences

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I had read the article before, congratulations Kevin. But precisely the article tells that it is a bad idea to use Tailwind not natively, as the non-integrated solutions mentioned before.

And on the contrary if the theme integrates Tailwind it has the benefits that the growing number of developers demonstrates and that the statistics clearly demonstrate too.

As I wrote. Try using TW with Pinegrow. You can use the online editor, it’s free.
It’s over fragmented, complicated and difficult to teach for teams.

If it’s fit you requirements it’s fine but then you have a solution with Winden. They use native TW with JIT for compiling. It’s alpha but Marko itterate versions definitly fast.

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Thanks, I didn’t know pingrow, the problem is that I usually make websites with a lot of dynamic content, that’s why I really like bricks, and I don’t see that I can do everything I do now with Bricks on Pingrow.

And instead the design and layout when I use React.js is so extremely simple and scalable with Tailwindcss that I would like to be able to use it also in WordPress. That’s why I’ve brought this to the community

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Anyway I give up, I don’t want to harm with my simple opinions. To developers or entrepreneurs with solutions like Winden or others. Good luck to all with developments and projects. :smiley::+1: