Struggling with Single Templates

Hi, I am having some issues with assigning a Single Post template in Bricks.

I have created some CPTs ( using Metabox ) and populated some.
I have created a single template in bricks and set its condition to be the CPT.
I can populate content within the Bricks template, so it is seeing the data ok.

But if I try and edit any of the CPTs from the WP dashboard and then click Edit with Bricks I get a message saying “invalid post type”
Yes I have enabled the cpt in Bricks settings.

I also am unable to see the single post from a Posts element. The page with the Posts element on it displays the posts ok ( well apart from missing the metabox custom field values ) but when I click on a post I get “Whoops that page is gone”.

I’ve logged out/in, cleared cache and resaved the CPTs ( as per SOLVED: Single post template error ) but no joy this time.

Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Bricks 1.3.6
Browser Brave 1.33.106
On Linux Mint 20.2

Hello @alanj

Thank you for your detailed message. Did you also try to flush the rewrite rules?

To flush WordPress rewrite rules or permalinks (usually needs to be done manually for new custom post types) from the admin Dashboard:

  1. In the main menu find “Settings > Permalinks”.
  2. Scroll down if needed and click “Save Changes”.
  3. Rewrite rules and permalinks are flushed.

Ah, no I didn’t, but I have now and it’s all good!

Just curious but why would the permalinks need flushing as I have never changed them since the original setup.

Many thanks for your help.

Actually thanks to you alanj and luistinygod, I could also now fix this issue. Never had it before with the MetaBox CPT, but thanks a lot. Good to search first in the Bricks Forum before investing hours of trying to find it out by yourself =)

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spent hours figuring out why this was not working untill your post helped me. just needed to flush the rewrite :S. many thanks for that

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Unfortunately it didn’t work for me by resaving the permalink settings.

But it helped me to save the Meta Box Post-Type settings again.