Stop ghost versioning

Please reconsider the practice of ‘ghost’ versioning.

As developers, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the software version we’re working with. Addressing issues without updating the release number can lead to confusion and is not a best practice.

This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this with Bricks, but it’s the first time I’m voicing my concern. Please don’t misunderstand; I genuinely admire Bricks and will continue using it regardless. However, I strongly encourage you to adopt more transparent and professional versioning practices.

It’s beneficial to acknowledge publicly that even new releases might need fixes. Informing the community about updates not only enhances transparency but also trust.

I’ve given this considerable thought and can see no substantial reason to continue ghost versioning. Any code modification, no matter how minor, justifies a new version number, even if it’s a minor increment like v1.9.8.1 or v1.

Please consider changing this practice.

Thank you for your dedication to making Bricks the best WordPress builder out there.


Hey how were you able to notice this on the recent one? (I can’t find anything noticeable).

(I do recall the community definitely responded negatively to this practice on a previous ghost update… maybe back around 1.9.4 / 1.9.5!)

How do you know there’s a fix? I see nothing in the changelog.

I was able to notice when I tried to recreate a broken site and couldn’t replicate the issue so I went to re-download and reinstall Bricks on the broken site and “the issue was gone”. I checked the changelog and couldn’t find anything. That’s when I exploted and wrote this post.

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Thank-you! In addition to this being reported a couple months ago, another recent thread also shares this v1.9.8 hotfix being merged without a new version or any communication of what changed.

Hopefully Bricks voices their thoughts, as Bricks Builder’s community is crucial to its long-term success… a really small request & standard development practice… so should definitely be addressed and communicated… that’s all the concern is about :nerd_face:

Confirmed by the Bricks team, and confirmed as something that won’t be happening in future!



Thanks for the follow-up!

To Bricks Builder’s long-term success! :slight_smile:

Also, almost v2.0!!!