Please stop releasing new versions with the same number!

So apparently there was a 1.9.8 hotfix pushed out to fix the issue with variables? Would’ve been nice if that was a so those of us waiting on the fix actually knew about it.

The same happened either the last update or the one before.

PLEASE add a new dot number for ALL releases instead of just reissuing a previous version number - there’s absolutely no reason not to!


I can’t see an update, nothing on the changelog either

Exactly the point I’m making. They have on more than one occasion updated the plugin soon after an update, with the same version and no changelog, to fix issues.

There NEEDS to be a new version and updated changelog, even if it’s quick hotfix soon after a release.

Not a very well made point I’m afraid. What exactly does

[quote=“Pete, post:1, topic:22771”]
apparently there was a 1.9.8 hotfix
[/quote] mean?
What evidence of a hotfix do you have?

Was posted on the bricks Facebook group re 1.9.8

Also happened with previous versions.

They’re not documented, they’re not announced, they just replace the same numbered previous version.

For one of the previous times it was noted on the forum by the developer that there was a new version with the same version number.

It’s not a one off, and it shouldn’t be happening, ever.

Posted by whom?

Not seen anything here ( I don’t use FB ). neither have I seen any of my site update or need an update. Went from 1.9.8beta to 1.9.8.

So without firm evidence this is just scaremongering.

You wouldn’t see an update because it’s the same version number. Even if you have the original version, not the updated one, you wont get an update prompt because the version number hasn’t changed, meaning that there are 2 groups of sites with 1.9.8 in existence: those with the original version, and those with the hotfixed version. This is the problem I’m explaining. Want firm evidence of Bricks releasing new versions with the same version number? Here you go:

Again, this is something that isn’t a once-off, hence the thread asking for them to stop doing it.

Facebook post re silent update:

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 12.52.39 PM

100% believable based on the fact that they have done this before, as evidenced above. Not sure what more you want. I’m simply asking for them not to do it under any circumstance.


What was the variable issue with v1.9.8?

It created a loop which caused variables not to be found (so some colours etc weren’t displaying)

@alanj This is a known thing that Bricks has done a couple times now.

You can also see another article here of what they call “Ghost versioning”.

In short all the Bricks community is asking is if there’s something changed, create a new version and clearly document what was changed.

Not update the existing release with merged changes.

Please don’t make me sift way back to v1.9.5 or whenever this happened previously. :smiley:

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Exactly, it’s a practice that should not happen, because it creates the confusion of “do I have the pre-patch or post-patch version installed on my sites, and do I need to re-download from my account and re-install again just to be safe?” when that’s completely unnecessary. Just push out a .1, and if necessary a .2 afterwards.

People just need to have 100% clarity of what version of Bricks they have at all times. Having 2 versions of 1.X.X just creates completely unnecessary confusion - especially when the fixes in the second version of 1.X.X go into 1.X.X.1 later on


Silent updates confirmed by Thomas as having happened, and confirmed that they will no longer happen again. Can lock this up now :slight_smile: