Solved: Why by defaut we have random ID & class?

I’m curious how Webflow is so clean when inspecting elements. No class & id is created by default (if I not wrong).

I’ve also noticed Elementor has random classes, but it’s needed to customize the design.

While Oxygen uses ID by default.

Bricks have ID & Class created by default.

The question is can we not produce output like Webflow? with cleaner class & id?

I have no problem with this, just curious.

You will love this new feture in 1.5RC

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Damn, I see that update in RC changelog. But I don’t know the purpose of that. Thank you to show me that. Always, Bricks excites me! :rofl::rofl:

August will be awesome with 1.5 Stable version.

By the way, this is something that we was discussing not so long time ago

I’m so happy that they are working on it…

I ask that too before if I not wrong. But happy finally we have clean output. Wuhuu… next month will start working with it.

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