SOLVED: Why add XFN tag?

I was checking Bricks header.php file and I noticed that XFN tag is added in it.

<link rel="profile" href="">

I understand this was depreciated with HTML5. Why we need it?

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It was gone in 1.4 but back in 1.4.02.
No one needs his site linked to the google GDPR nightmare and even on http.

Please remove this asap and never bring it back.

First : it’s http , if that isn’t bad these days I don’t know anything anymore.
Second : it links to an external website , so everone in Europe or under other privacy rules will need to add this website to the list of cookies even if they don’t need it.
Third : i searched this forum , only 1 found and thats this on , so I added it as a bug.
Fourth : it is an experiment for html4 , where’on 5 now :wink:
Fifth : It should be an option that standard is off , not obligated , and it is on line 9 of Bricks: Theme Header (header.php)

@Johan I suggest you to comment the line number 9 for now in the header.php file. I have also never understood the need for XFN tag but I am sure team will put some light on it. @timmse

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Status for this have changed to WIP. Nice!

Hey @omega

The 1.5 stable release will have the XFN link removed.

Thank you for pointing this out.


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