SOLVED: Theme Styles Link Styles gets overridden by Hover Styles

Bricks Version: 1.3.2
Browser: Chrome 92
OS: macOS / Windows

Hi guys,

Link styles defined in theme styles > Links > Typography get´s overridden by their hover styles. Theme Styles are applied to entire site. I tried it in different installations and also in - same problem everywhere.


Just tried it. Bug confirmed from my side. It can make some problems… Hope to fix it soon.
Best regards,

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Hi @tole011 ,
thanks for confirming. In fact, every single link style will be overwritten by it’s hover style, not only the colors. I’ve just edited my initial post accordingly.

Not that this will be forgotten …
Do you have this on the radar for the next version @luistinygod @ribarich ?


I completely overlooked this thread. Thank you for bringing our attention to it @timmse.

The bug is noted in our system and it will be fixed (can’t promise that it will be in the next release though).

No problem,

seems like the issue exists at least since 1.3.1 (further back I have not tested).
Uuh, sounds like the next version is coming soon :wink:


Just to let me (haha) and you guys know: This bug has been fixed in Bricks 1.3.5 :muscle: