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SOLVED: Slider Stay-Time

Hey :slight_smile:

In the slider element i just found the animationstime but not the time the slide is visible.

Is there a option? Otherwise it would be nice if you can add this to the slider options.




no, unfortunately there is no option to set the stay time… :frowning:

We need this… is a way to fast…

Yep, think so too.
Hopefully we don’t have to vote for that :sweat_smile: I mean it’s an existing element in which something crucial has obviously been forgotten.

Ps: Same for the carousel.

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Hello @timmse and @ARAKZ,

The time the slide is visible is set with the “autoplay speed” (in ms). If you want the slide to be visible for 5 seconds, use 5000 ms.

Screenshot 2021-10-20 at 14.06.39

The same applies to the Carousel element.

Yep, since 1.3.4 @luistinygod :wink:
Thank you!

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