SOLVED: Conditions - Dynamic Data custom meta key? - How to do it?

In a Single Product Page template, I would like to hide a section IF
the product has no cross-sells (meta key is “_crosssell_ids”), so if _crosssell_ids is empty, hide the section, however I am not being able to be successful with it.
I noticed that every default option available from the “Dynamic data” shows up between {curly brackets}, I tried placing {_crosssell_ids} but it still didn’t work.
How do you place a custom field / meta key in Bricks, kind of like how you did in oxygen?


I have already tried a few variations, even with the curly braces, even tried to select specifically equal to product IDs that are attributed as cross sales of the product, but no matter what I can’t get it to work.

Is it possible to use custom fields / metakeys with Bricks conditions or not? cause it seems like it only works with the available/default options from the dropdown.
@timmse Any chance you could provide some insight in this? Thank you so much in advance :pray: :pray: :pray:

I will try without “" ( * Between these quotes there is an underscore)
Until I know, this is a prefix to make the field private (This is why you don’t see it in the bricks list).
But I don’t know what is the real behaviour of the fields starting with "
” (* Here too)

Hey Marco! Thank you so much for your feedback (and for doing a good job of clarifying what you meant :grin:), I really appreciate it.
I gave a shot without the initial underscore but it seems like the result is the same.

Yeah supposedly from the documentation I found that is supposed to be the cross sale metakey

So far the way I have managed to do it is by using a code block and using custom code there which is working really well, I wished to have achieved it fully with Bricks but oh well.
The biggest problem I see with this is that here the code block element still displays in the DOM unecessarily, where as with Bricks Conditions I can get it to entirely hide the section.

global $product;

// Get the IDs of the cross-sell products for the current product
$cross_sell_ids = $product->get_cross_sell_ids();

// Output the section's content only if cross-sell products exist
if ( ! empty( $cross_sell_ids ) ) {
  <div class="my-section">
    <!-- Your section content goes here -->

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Hey @jcmatoskx,

thanks for getting in touch.

Please try the cf_ prefix as described in the academy.

So in your case: {cf__crosssell_ids}




That’s it! Works perfectly! All I had to do was write the cf_ prefix

it’s quite simple but I had no idea about this as I would not assume that there would be such a specificity and I assumed that all meta keys should just be their own name.
I would just assume this is a bug / not possible with Bricks builder, but all it took was you sharing this knowledge of the documentation.
Thank you so so much André!


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Thank you for following up on the solution, I was myself pulling out my hair! Works for upsells also :sunglasses: