[SOLVED] Builder not saving pages -> Disable Cloudflare Rocket Loader

Bricks Version:
Browser: Chrome 90
OS: Windows
URL: Backend

I am new to bricks and have until now played a bit with the try version hosted by you. Now I bought it and installed it on my wordpress and it acts really weird even though newly installed wordpress on my server dleting everything old. I am on onyxhosting.

For example I created a homepage (just a pic) and save it, get out of builder, the page is shown with elements. Opening the page again in bricks the page appears empty.

Also sometimes the elements I added are shown in structure sometimes not… I have no idea why bricks acts up like this on my installation as I started from scratch without any extra settings nor on serverside nor wordpresss.

There has been another report here that has never been fixed Brick Builder not saving changes

Video here:

If you’re using cloudflare rocket loader, you’ll want to turn that off.

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Thanks, that was the only thing I forgot :sweat_smile:
I’ll just leave this here for newbies having the same problem

No problem! I’m glad that’s all it was. It’s a pretty common one that i see pop up. :sweat_smile:

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