SOLVED: Bricks edits dissapear

Dear bricks,

Often i am working on my project and my work is just gone. It goes back to an earlier stage and i have to do the work all over again. Ive had this multiple times.

This is annoying because sometimes it are changes that i don’t notice.

Besides that i love bricks!


Try disabling autosave.

I noticed a similar problem a few months back. I’m not sure if it’s a known bug, or issue with a specific browser etc, I’m sure the Bricks team will clarify here, but since always turning off autosave I’ve never come across it since.

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I hate auto-save. :rofl:


thank you very much! will give this a try.

I’ve also had this issue multiple times today and don’t use autosave.


Did you reload the tab? Or reopen the tab after accidentally closing ist?
I had the behaviour that the builder than often loads an older version and your progress is lost.

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i don’t thinks so. I never had this issue in any other builder.

turning off auto safe didn’t work. I went for lunch after saving my work. Then i came back and made some new edits, not knowing my earlier edits were already gone (samepage). After saving i came to the realisation my earlier work was gone. All the time my pc and the builder were turned on (during lunch).

Are you leaving Bricks open for extended periods of time? For eg, when you say you went to lunch and then came back and made some edits, do you mean that Bricks was left open the entire time?

Just trying to think of possibilites that could cause it. Could be something is timing out. Hopefully the Bricks team can recreate it more easily, if they have more details.

Yes, it stayed open during that time. But yeah i have this problem when i am working on something aswell. I’m not quite aware if it has something to do with working on multiple pages. Not that i have the same page open in multiple tabs, but different pages.

I have also seen my edits disappear.

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would love to see some answers from team about this…

Hey guys,
We need some information on how to reproduce the issue, which version, settings, and so on…

“I have the same problem” doesn’t help :frowning:

Best regards,

Ive had this problem ever since i bought bricks, (11-08-2022) till today. I am using the child theme and the problem occurs just by working on any project. Ive had this problem with and without autosafe enabled and the problem occurs after saving and before saving. Basicaly my edits vanish and return to an earlier stage. This can go noticed or or unnoticed, sometimes i notice it later on. Which is a pain in the but.

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Clearly there’s something wrong if a few people are reporting it. Until it gets solved, it could be a good idea to follow these habits…

  • don’t have Bricks open in multiple tabs.
  • disable autosave.
  • don’t leave Bricks open if you go off to do something else, like edit posts, or make changes in elsewhere in some WP settings.
  • avoid multiple users making edits in Bricks on the same site at the same time.

I don’t know the cause of the problem, but following those few things should likely reduce any chance of work being saved over / lost in the meantime.


oh those rules we know from another builder. :confused:

i do that sometimes yes. But always after saving. I will be more aware the next time after reloading.

Are you using a caching plugin? If yes, have you excluded the builder from caching?

I dont use a caching plugin.

Wondering it might happen due to optimization plugin or caching stuff?