SOLVED: Background Image autplay and width problem

I have two problems with the background video.
With videos from YouTube everything works without problems, but when I upload a video to my server autoplay does not work on chrome (newst version) and I always have a small gap on the left ( If I set the width to 100% the problem is solved. But it should not be normal to “mess around” here.

I have already searched here in the forum and on Facebook but have not found a solution. The problem seems to happen more often, but I don’t see any answer from Bricks developers.

For testing I have disabled all plugins. I can send a developer URL + login details for directory protection.

Sorry, i mean “If I set the width to 101%

Hi Stabilo,
can you please post the links to the threads?

Also, feel free to send us your login information and a link to this thread to Please use the email address you used for the Bricks purchase.

Best regards,

Hi @timmse ,
here are two other threads:

Later i will send you a Link + Login. Thanks

Hi stabilo,
Thanks very much for the links!

I’ve just tested this with the upcoming Bricks 1.4 and in case of my video, it autoplays without sound and any issues (unlike the same video with Bricks 1.3.7), so I think there is no need to send login credentials now :rocket: If it still doesn’t work for you with 1.4, please let us know :slight_smile:

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Yes true, since Bricks 1.4. the Problem is fixed. Thank you!