One Click Google Font Local Hosting

I like the way how Zion handles offline font. You select whatever Google font you like in the editor and it will automatically download it to your site. Unlike Bricks where you need to download the file and upload it yourself.


Yes, please! This is a must-have specially in Germany!


Agree. Just one click away to load Google Fonts locally.

I’ve submitted this idea to ideas board before but didn’t get approved.

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Even if not in Germany, it is also a good feature to have in Bricks. Loading google font locally with just one click away without needing to upload the font is so convenient. Just like Zion Builder did some time ago.


Maybe they can load from

Hey! Not clear about your reply. You wrote for the dev of Bricks or…? :smiley:

Ja maybe they can get the files from there. There are all types of Fonts, woff woff2 etc…