NO BUG: Rich text element in a template

Browser: Version 125.0.6422.113 (Offizieller Build) (x86_64), Brave
Version 1.66.115 Chromium: 125.0.6422.112 (Offizieller Build) (x86_64), Firefox 126.0 (64-Bit), Opera, Edge

OS: macOS Big Sur 11.7.10
URL: Local Dev-Machine
ScreenRecording: Problem with Bricks “Formated Text” Element as reusable Template.mp4

Is there some incostitency between direct used Bricks “Formated Text Elements” and stored and re-used on different places on the website within “Template Element”(s) ?

Crazy, but in old Items (saved before weeks) (Element used with “Template Elements” there was in Text-Tab also visible the html-Taged code.
Now, there is missing all <p></p> stuff and it looks like in the “Visuell Tab”…
When I use «edit Template» button and click in the “Text” Tab → THE VERY SAME STEP-BY-STEP APPROACH as I do it in the copied Element (see below)

BRICKS formated Text - im Template-Element

When I use them from Template (copy all stuff) and include them as Section (not Template-Element anymore) in the Builder, in the Text-Tab all the <p></p>-Code Stuff are back…
BRICKS formated Text - im Formated Text-Element


  • Any idea or help about this none-predictable behoviour within the Formated-Elements?
    Or do I only have problems with?

  • Is this some kind of a bug?

Looking forward to helping hands/ideas

Is also connected maybe on my question in Topic How to Add Soft Line Break (Shift + Enter) in an formated Text Element? - #2 by Martin

Hi Martin,
Sorry for the delayed reply.

Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce the behaviour. I have tested various older Bricks versions, and the behaviour is always the same: no visible p- or br-tags. Unfortunately, I can’t say why they are or were partially visible in your case.

Another example: when editing WooCommerce products (where tinyMCE is also used) they are removed in the same way - and this is completely independent of Bricks.

If you know a way which versions/procedures we have to work with, please let us know here :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Hi @timmse,
I have setup the problematic sections (used as template-element and parallel used as original Section-Element) in the bricks-debug-installation. You have got the login credentials in the topic NO BUG: Update to Bricks 1.9.7. makes System buggy, error throwing, slow and unreliable in combination with Motion.Page Plugin - #3 by Martin

Have reduced the page only to the hero-section and the 2 same section with the different “text”-value (with <p>-Tags and WITHOUT <p>-Tags.
So you can debug it in real-system environment.

Debug-System is setup and prepared online under the same url and with the same credentials.

If you need the credentials again, please let me know.
Hope this helps to find all answers (versions/procedures) and maybe some kind of bug or perhaps an error in my operation that is not recognisable to me. Version is the current (all is updated).

Procedures (hope this is what you are asking for)

I created a section with different elements. Then I saved the Section as a template (to use it as Global Componente all over different pages) with the Name «CLIPS Info Section [Global Component]».
Than I added a new Element from Type «Template» choosed the saved template «CLIPS Info Section [Global Component]» and saved the page.
Then I deleted the original Section with all the elements init from the Page (Home). And added more Elements from Type Template in different other Pages of the same website (so I can use the template as a “Global Component”, where changes will be reflected in all Instances where the Template-Elements are used the original Template «CLIPS Info Section [Global Component]».

For debug perpose I opened the “Edit in Template”-Modus, copied the Original Section with all the child-Elements and pasted it in the Page (Home).
To make it easier for you, I deleted all the other Sections (only Hero-Section left to make ensure there will be no Menu-Problems (overlap).

From this situation, you see the PrintScreen below.

Hope this will help:
Here the printScreen from the real-system environment.