NO BUG: Flexible Content duplicating sections

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We have created flexible content using the query loop builder. However each section is duplicating on the front end…

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Hi Josh,
Thanks so much for your report!

I was able to reproduce the issue and added it to our bug tracker.

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Hey Josh,

Today is another one of those days where I learned something new (I never used flexible content with bricks before) :smiley:

To prevent the duplicated sections, you need to add a condition to them and compare if {acf_get_row_layout} equals your flexible_layout_name.

If you have two possible layouts (e.g. text + image and text + text), the setup looks like this:

Flexible Content Loop on the container:


Layout conditions:

‘text_text’ and ‘text_image’ are the layout names of each layout:

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@timmse i’m noticing that i still get repeated empty data tags and that they can interfere with the layout (with or without these extra conditions).

Really would love to get this working as it was a mainstay for creative clients wanting a bit of creative layout control.

In Elementor i could create Flexible content templates in Anywhere Elementor (AE) Pro (with clean previews) which would then be added to an AE F flexible content widget. Filddly but it all worked. Detailed here

Hoping there is a bricks workflow to achieve this!

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Hey Peter,
Sounds like you have a related but different problem. Please create a new, independent report in which you explain your problem, show the setup and tell me how I can reproduce the problem.

The easiest way to do this is in the form of a screencast with e.g. or Please use one of the tools mentioned, because they log every single step, making it possible to reproduce the issue.

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All done here: