NO BUG: Changing style on a nestable tab pane shows the content from other panes

Bricks Version: 1.5.6
Browser: Any
OS: macOS

  1. Add a section and in its container add a nestable tab.
  2. Select the content pane for tab1 and add a basic text element.
  3. Click on tab2 and all you will see is its default rich text element.
  4. Select the content pane for tab1 and set its display to flex.
  5. Click on tab2 and you will see the content for tab1 along with its rich text element.

This makes using nestable tabs impossible if you want to change the display or other styling.

Hi Simon,
Thank you very much for your report!

The tab content pane is visible or hidden by display: block or display: none. If you set the display property to flex, it’s always flex (and visible).

However, you can insert another block or div element inside the pane and set it to display: flex to align the content.

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Thanks timmse. I’d already figured it out by adding a 100% width div set to flex. Might be worth adding in the documentation not to change the display setting, or simply remove the display settings from the drop down that break things.



I’m having the same issue with this gallery:

Hi Kennedy,
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What exactly is your problem? As far as I can see the tabs work, as well as the WPGridBuilder facets within the tabs :thinking: Or am I missing something?

Hi Timmse,

When you click on the seconb tab and one of the filters from the second tab, you’ll see that both tabs will be active (check the bottom border).

When it does that, you’ll now see that the pane content is back to the content of the first.

Ok. In your case, it’s the WPGridBuilder facets within the tab content, which is either a configuration error or actually a bug in the interaction of the facets and the tabs - but a different one than the one reported here.

First, please check whether the facets outside the tabs work as they should. If so, please create a new report on this topic.

The facet is working fine outside of the tabs.

I’ve created a separate report here: WPGridBuilder facets inside the nestable tabs