NO BUG: Archive pagination rel="prev" and rel="next" when?

I read in this post :

that the problem has already been posed regarding woocommerce pagination, but in reality the problem is also present in archive pagination.
Not adding canonical and rel=“prev” and next penalizes the site from a seo point of view and should be a priority to be fixed by brikcs developers.
I see that 5 months have passed since that post but it hasn’t been fixed yet and at this point I urgently need to find another solution.
Is there any filter to change the output of the Pagination component and also the “Posts” component?
Alternatively, how can the problem be solved?

Hi Paolo,
Thanks a lot for your report!

Where exactly does this information come from? Google itself does not use it, John Mueller confirms that, and they’ve changed the docs:

Bing, on the other hand, says they see them as “hints” - though they are not mandatory there either as far as I can see.

Source: Pagination and SEO: best practices for link rel="next" and rel="prev"

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ok, i read the article. It seems it is enough just to add the following template in the head. Thank you.

<link rel="prev" href="" />
<link rel="next" href="" />
<link rel="canonical" href=""/>