Move Structure Panel Next to Element/Attribute Panel

I find myself moving the cursor back and forth across the canvas to go from the structure panel to the element/attribute panel and back. If the panels were next to each other, it would be easier for me. This could be accomplished several ways: ability to float/dock a panel, setting to specify the locations of the 3 panels, etc. Idea submitted to idea board.

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YES!!! This is such a simple but brilliant idea that would save literally kilometers of mouse cursor travel. I don’t see it on the ideas board, but if I do, I’ll definitely upvote it!

Bump: Submitted this suggestion to idea board end of May and it hasn’t made it through the gate keepers yet. Dragging the cursor back and forth across the canvas to go from the element list to the structure panel is frustrating. WPCodeBox has a simple and elegant solution - a toggle switch - “Canvas in Center” or “Canvas on Right”. Please consider. I have implemented the CSS provided (or collected) by Sridhar to move the structure panel to the left. However, there have been some oddities (such as a third (empty) panel appearing between the elements+structure panels on the left and the canvas on the right which makes the canvas very tiny on my laptop screen),