Make Structure Panel More Flexible

i want to request additional improvements for panel structure.

For small screen sizes, using the Bricks editor is quite cramped, because we have to display 2 panels at once.

I was hoping you’d consider a more flexible, more precisely detachable Panel Structure like the one in Elementor.

That’s quite interesting especially since it can be dragged anywhere we want without being tied to the right side.

I submitted a similar request a year ago: Move Structure Panel Next to Element/Attribute Panel

Hello guys,

I think you will love this

I couldn’t find anything in the keyboard shortcuts about detaching (or floating) the structure panel. Did I miss it?

There is no option for now, maybe @MartinWB mean shortcut for show/hide structure panel.
What I wanted is like you say, detaching or floating structure panel. I remember Bricks addon have option for that, but if possible I would like to avoid additional addon/plugin.

@thomas I hope this is can be considered.