Improve builder top bar ergonomics

EDIT: Added new propositions


A few ideas for builder top bar to improve general workflow:

  1. Preview button is great, but we need a more direct access to frontend button.
    Why not moving it top to bar?
    To each button its function, more simple, more direct, less clicks, no need to close preview…



  1. Template button should be close to Pages button (more logical when we spend time editing pages and templates).

  2. History button should be close to UNDO/REDO buttons.

  3. Pseudo-class button could be moved to element panel.

  4. Order of buttons on the left would make more sense to me like this:
    Help / Settings / Templates / Pages / + (from the more global to the more specific)

  1. An interim workaround: Bricks Builder Editor Tweaks – BricksLabs


I sent in an idea to the idea board that we should in Bricks settings be able to customise the toolbars to put buttons wherever we want them to improve ergonomics. For example, move the preview and front end buttons to the editor toolbar, move history next to undo/redo and put in the middle toolbar etc. It hasn’t been chosen by Bricks though.

Bump, submitted this to idea board, please give hearts so that it is accepted and then vote :wink:

(Thanks @Sridhar for the fix!)