IMPLEMENTED: ACF Post Object field

Hey guys,

I did not find any information in the documentation and in the forum. So before I start creating my own custom functions I wanted to ask if the functionality is maybe already integrated into Bricks and I just do not know how to use it exactly:

Having two CPTs (Startup and Country) I want to create an ACF Post Object field on the Startup CPT to be able to choose a country for the startup. Within the Bricks template (single startup) I want to output the assigned country (post title) and its flag (featured image). Is there any native way to do it? Using the “regular” dynamic data tag ({acf_country}) it outputs the post title as a link to the single country page. I tried some filters but couldn’t get it to work. Using the query loop functionality also does not seem to work.

I know I could just use a Relationship instead of the Post Object but in some situations (like single selections instead of multiple ones) I prefer the Post Object field’s UI.

Thanks for your help, guys!

(See a screenshot of the mockup attached)

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Hi, out of interest, how would you solve this with a relationship field? :thinking:

One of the Query Loop’s built-in query types is ACF Relationship field.

Yeas sure. But how would you get data from a related object? Even if you’d use the relationship field.

I’ve created a feature request which looks for me like the solution to this problem.

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This seems like something that would solve my use case too, as I can find a way to make it work - to pull data from with a Related post in a templated format: Pulling query loop Content from a CPT via ACF Relationship

I would also like to see a solution for that (as this is a very common scenario in my projects).

My idea was:
Adding a “Post Object” element which is a nestable element
Which has only one setting field “Post ID” that can take dynamic data
As value.

Then you would just insert that Element any where (and you can also
Insert it inside a repeater field loop for example and then use the current fields
Post object field to get the post id). And then each element you nest inside it
Will be able to use all the dynamic data (post title, featured image and so…)
From the current post object (defined in the current “post object” element id field.
I think this approach is really nice and dynamic and easy to use.

If i understand the way things work you just have to set post data to
value in the post id field and then get child elements and then reset
post data… but i’m not sure i understand things right.
I tried writing an element like this, but didn’t have much success :slight_smile:


I thought of maybe even easier solution:

Just add the ability to use dynamic data in the include field

Of the query builder:

Then I can just use the repeater sub field to get the id of the post,

And then I have everything I need to get all the post’s data.

What do you think?


Thid topic is dead ?

Push for @benadam solution. Would also like this feature a lot.


Hello Bricks guys, any update / advice on the above. Seems like it should have been fairly easy to display ACF custom fields of Post Objects selected in another post.

Hi @sionescu212 ,

ACF Post object field already available in Query loop since 1.8.6



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