Image optimization tips and plugin recommendations

We use the paid for version of Compressor - the results are really impressive.

Currently it’s a manual process, so I’m interested in what you say about EWWW.

@timmse - You’ve found that EWWW and Bricks play well together?

Hey Flim Flam,

I used to use that too but the free version, but I made the switch to Ewww as you can set it to resize the images on upload. So I have that set to 1920x1260. Then it also compresses it and generates .webp images too. Massive time saver.

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Jep @flimflam!

Apart from the fact that it works excellent with bricks, it’s a good investment either way. Just try the free version for a few days, and if you’re convinced, you can always get the AppSumo deal, which is still running.

But as I said, the free version already offers quite a few outstanding features.


newbie here
Doesn’t webp converter for media do what Ewww does ? I am trying to understand if this plugin does a better job or not than Ewww


Both do probably the same (convert images), but I’ve never used webp converter for media before.

Looks good at first glance though!

Hi @Guccifer

I have no idea about Webp converter for media, because I didn’t use that before.

Previously, I used WP LS Cache to convert my images to webp. But, I noticed that the images converted by WP LS Cache not that good. Because the images convereted by WP LS Cache were not displaying on old iPad/iPhone. After I started using EWWW, the images are visible on old iPad/iPhone.

Hello @jornes, thank you for sharing!

Btw, on my site, Bricks editor cannot be loaded whenever EWWW Settings > Easy IO > Include All Resources is checked

Do you have any tips what to exclude so when include all resources is checked, Bricks editor can be run?

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Odd, I have Include all resources checked and Bricks works fine.
I did have issues with the related SWIS performance plugin that stopped Lightroom from working properly. Uncheck “Optimize JS Loading” to fix that.

Hey @Syahrenzy
If Bricks is not working for you, then you have to exclude Bricks in the field “Exclusion”.

Hope it helps. :blush:

Hi @Syahrenzy,

I’ve just looked into one of the sites with EWWW + Easy IO enabled: no problems at all, even with “Include All Resources” enabled.

Do you have other plugins installed that might interfere with Easy IO?

Best regards,

@alanj Noted, I am using breeze from Cloudways eventhough I also have SWIS Performance since I am using Cloudways for hosting…

@jornes @timmse Thanks! It works now without doing anything. I guess I report the issue too fast after changing the CDN address. Forget about the cache… :sweat_smile: