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Image optimization tips and plugin recommendations

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a plugin for image optimization that plays well with bricks?
I’ve been looking at jetpack and optimole.

Anyone with real world experience using one of these or any other recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Ben,
welcome to the forum!

Personally, I am a huge fan of EWWW Image Optimizer. The optimization of classic JPGs works great and almost by itself. It gets even better when you switch from JPG to WebP. And this works great even in the free version.

If you want to get some more out of the plugin, attention advertising: At Appsumo there is an unbeatable Lifetime Deal for EWWW right now, where you can use a global CDN for your images besides all the other stuff.

Maybe @jornes can also say something about it, I think he uses the plugin too :wink:

I would recommend you to try the free version first, maybe that’s enough for you.

Best regards and happy optimizing,

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Hi @timmse,

You are correct (I wonder how you knew it, Haha😉). I am using EWWW to optimize my images and also utilizing the CDN they provided. I grabbed their deal on Appsumo.

Here is the short story about the image optimizer & CDN I used for my website.

Before I get to know EWWW,
WP LS Cache was the first plugin I used to optimize my images; the result was good. They have CDN, too, and I also used the CDN they provide(since it’s free). The CDN is Quic.Cloud by WP LS Cache Plugin. Everyone is eligible to use it for free(enough for a small site) if your hosting is Litespeed server(subject to plan).

When using their CDN, I found the result scanned by GMetrix was not stable. I tried not to purge the cache for a week. When I did the test several times, the result was always B and below(sometimes graded at E).

When I switched to EWWW, I noticed that my site’s performance became much stable compared to when I used Quic.Cloud. The test results are always maintained between A & B.

If you only want an excellent Image Optimizer that can convert the images to WebP images, WP LS Cache & EWWW are good to go. About the CDN, I prefer EWWW(as they’re using BunnyCDN).

I am not good at sharing. However, I hope my sharing helps you to decide on which plugin to choose. :wink::wink::wink:



I even know you are Satisfied 100%+200%!!! :alien:
To be honest: I just read the deal comments :joy:

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Haha! You are going to buy the deal?

I already did a few weeks ago, but didn´t tested the cdn feature yet. So i thought it would be helpful to include you as a 5 taco guy in the topic :smiley:

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Sure! Feel free to tag me when you think of anything related to me.

Their CDN is good for me. Even though we only paid it once. But, the quality is not compromised. Finally, I met a big fan of EWWW. :smiley:

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Hi @hoops

@jornes has given some great advice, one thing to note is I’d defo steer clear of Jetpack for any of the functions it provides (try to source an alternative where possible), it has a very bad rep for being super bloated on all the WP speed groups.

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Thank you!

Ya…I forgot to mention that Jetpack is very heavy, makes my site bloated.

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To add my two cents here, I am also a fan of EWWW and also bought the AppSumo deal. Have not regretted it at all!

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Another fan of EWWW. Haha!

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Hi guys, I am a newcomer

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Welcome to Bricks community!

Enjoy building.

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@jornes Thank you :+1:

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Hello, I am new to the forum, nice to greet you all.

I have used EWWW to optimize images and I would like to know if the offer on Appsumo is really for lifetime? :astonished:

Thank you very much!

Well it says Lifetime so I presume it means lifetime. Don’t you believe them?
It also says for new users only so if you have an existing account with Ewww then you won’t qualify.

Personally looks well worth buying.

It is definitely worth it! And in case you have an account already… use another email address :wink:

@alanj I was just saying that since I didn’t know about Appsumo and on the EWWWW website they only have annual subscription plans. Sounds like a great promotion to me for $99, plus new users on Appsumo get an additional $10 off.

@timmse Good tip :wink:

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That’s the benefit of AppSumo :slight_smile: To be honest, i bought a lot in the last few months there… and if you don’t like the plugin, app or whatever you can return it within 60 days, no questions asked. This is much as enough time to get used to the product and to decide if you like it or not.

On Black Friday I think I have to lock my own account to not escalate completely… :roll_eyes:

It’s definitely worth getting it.