How to add Adobe Fonts

What the deal with adding Adobe Fonts in Bricks please?

Don’t see an integration form to include the CSS link…

Hi Ross,

You can add link tags (CSS, JS) to your site’s <head> or <body> in your WordPress dashboard under Bricks > Settings > Custom Code. I hope this help to accomplish this task :slight_smile:

Will this then appear amongst the fonts drop down?

Ah no. That would only load those font asset files. You could then add some global custom CSS to apply those fonts to your headings & body. To actually include your Adobe Fonts in the font family dropdown requires a custom-written integration. Which is currently not planned.

Right, well that is a must really. We use Adobe Fonts for nearly all of our clients — and to have brand consistency we need this introduced as easily as possible. I am amazed that this isn’t on the list of to-do’s…

I’m wondering if there’s been any development on the Adobe Fonts integration? Adding the CSS is easy enough, but making the fonts appear in the dropdown isn’t possible. I added a custom font, without any uploads, with the proper font weights, hoping this would add the font name to the font drop down, but it hasn’t.

Hi Stacey,

welcome to the forum! The typekit/Adobe fonts integration feature is already on the idea board. Make sure to give it a thumbs up.

In the meantime, our user @zestjosh has found a solution you can use right now.

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The solution worked wonderful. Thanks so much @timmse and @zestjosh.
I’ll definitely give the feature on the idea board a thumbs up.


Can anyone help me? I installed typekit.php into my child-theme folder. When I edit functions.php I get this message.

If you updated to 1.4, you’ll need to download the latest version of typekit.php as they changed some variables.

Same issue. I place the code at the end of functions.php. Is that ok?

EDIT: I got it but now the font does not appear under standard fonts after synchronising.

Are you still having issues? Do you see the Typekit code in the source?

Yes I do have issues. See my edited post above. Thank you.

Can you share a url?

Thank you, I got it to work now. :slight_smile:

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Can you tell me where you put the code in the functions-php? I keep getting error messages (Bricks 1.4). thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Lasse What error are you receiving?