Happy to share my move from Webflow to Bricks!

I used to build bulk of my sites using Webflow and tried not to get into WordPress too much as there are the issues with bloat code…

But man!! When I found out about Bricks Builder and looked into it a bit more, I was stunned at how easy I was able to transition from Webflow to actually using WordPress now with the Bricks theme… Super light and very flexible!

So here it is… My first build… Thank you Bricks!!!

All input and comments welcome :blush::blush:


The site is very clean and nice, did you use an extra plugin pure bricks?

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Excellent and creative. Welcome to bricks

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Great job - looking smooth!

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Looks great and I like the subtle animations!

On mobile view, the forth green card has some overflow issue:


Hey there. Thanks so much for your kind words. I used bricksable and bricks forge for extra elements and animation

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Oopsies. I’m curious to know what mobile resolution you are viewing this on?

That’s a great looking site.
I love everything about it.
Kudos, great job.

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Thanks a lot! Appreciate the kind words

You have a large text section, and you are also into animations.
Here is a great site that uses animations for a text section like that.

Food for thought.


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Ow man I love that!!! I need to look into that for sure. That site you shared is amazing… Wow!!!

I am using a Pixel 7 with 2400 x 1080 pixel resolution.

This is truly a next level WordPress Page and shows perfectly the potential of Bricks.

I only had some issue with the animation at the pricing section on mobile iPhone 13 Pro. If you stop where the animation starts it will repeat endlessly.

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Love the style, you’re a master of bricksbuilder :+1:

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Hey there! Yeah that is fixed now. I tick the play only once box for these animations. Thanks so much for your input @Eddy !

Phenomenal design & execution :star_struck:

Nice work & welcome to the forum!

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Website looks great! Definitely has that ‘webflow’ vibe and feel to it.

I’d be curious to know- what were the biggest hiccups or issues you ran into (if any)? Were there any specific functionalities in Webflow that you could not reproduce / felt were missing?

Also curious if you just used Bricks by itself, or did you also incorporate some of the other popular add-on plugins / frameworks like Bricksforge, OxyProps / BricksProps, ACSS, Bricksable, etc.? (there’s so many already!)

Hey there @EricE!

I would say the biggest hiccup for me was the interaction animations. With Webflow, the sky is the limit to what animations you can do. With Bricks, you have to bring in a 3rd party plugin, bricksforge in my case. Also not sure if anyone else experiences this, but at times when copying elements, they would not display any new changes until you refresh the builder.

As mentioned above, I used Bricksforge for animation and Bricksable for extra functions. That’s it!

But let me tell you, from all the website builders that I have used before, bricks is by far the best in terms of flexibility and streamlined code. It’s clean, lightweight and only limited by your imagination.

Hope this helps a bit.



Great looking website!
For what did you use Bricksable and Bricks Forge for on your website? Which specific elements? Im curious because I want to see if I will need to add them to my stack or just stay with vanilla Bricks.

If you scroll down to services, You will see the read more. That is bricksable.

I decided to let go of BF as I wanted the site to load fast. I used bricks forge for more complex animations of my text, that’s about it. I would say you would find it useful to achieve more complex animation that the standard Included Bricks animations…